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This World Heart Day, Start a Heart-Healthy Diet

Start a Heart-Healthy Diet

World Heart Day is celebrated globally to spread awareness for heart health and heart conditions. It is celebrated on 29th September to help everyone become heart-healthy. Changing your dietary habits by switching to healthier options is the ideal way to kickstart your journey to a healthy heart. Read on to learn more about how to maintain a healthy diet:

Change your diet: 

Good healthy food boosts your metabolism and strengthens your immunity. Incorporate lots of fruits and green vegetables into your diet. Get rid of caffeine, alcohol, and oily food. Packaged food also contains high salt and sugar levels which can seriously harm your heart. 

Heart-healthy food options:

  1. Colourful Green vegetables and fruits:

    Add more colourful food items like green, red, and yellow bell peppers, carrots beetroot, and green leafy vegetables to your meals. Fruits of different categories and colours will replenish all your requirements for vitamins and minerals to reduce the risk of heart disease.Greens are high in omega-3 fatty acids, fibre, and vitamin D. These vital nutrients aid in generating red blood cells, improve vein health, and reduce the risk of heart attacks. 

  2. Whole Grains:

    Switch to whole grain foods for vitamins, fibre, zinc, iron, copper, magnesium, and protein. Humans have been having grains since time immemorial as their staple diet. It is better to avoid white flour, polished rice, and grains as they are stripped of their nutrients in the process. Make whole grain foods a part of your daily diet for a healthy heart.

  3. Fish And Fish Oil:

    Our body needs Omega-3 fatty acids we can get fish or fish oil to promote proper functioning of the heart, healthy brain function, reduce inflammation in the body, and maintain normal blood pressure. Try to include fish in your diet at least twice a week, or take an omega-3 supplement by consulting your doctor. Nuts like walnuts, flax seeds, and Chia seeds also have omega-3s in them and this can be a good option for vegetarians. 

  4. Legumes:

    Legumes such as chickpeas, kidney beans, peanuts, peas, and soybeans are high in carbohydrates and fibres. These food items take time to get digested which improves insulin levels in the body. Legumes help the body to use insulin and glucose more effectively.

  5. Yoghurt:

    Yoghurt has a lot of essential nutrients, vitamin D, and eating it daily boosts your overall health. Eating yoghurt regularly can drastically improve heart health and reduce the risk of heart disease. Yoghurt aids in improving digestion and reduces the risk of a heart attack as well.

In conclusion, you can definitely indulge every now and have a cheat day in a week to satiate your cravings. Include these tips into your daily diet and you’ll find that it’s very easy to follow a balanced diet for a healthy heart.

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