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How to avoid Motor Insurance claims during the monsoon season?

How to avoid Motor Insurance cla

As the rainy season drags on, drivers face the misery of navigating flooded roadways and the stress of ensuring their cars are high in low-lying areas vulnerable to flooding. Even if you have auto insurance, you must be careful when filing a claim and understand which expenses are covered and which are not. Your basic, cheap car insurance may only cover some claims, even though it will cover most fixes and replacements.

What makes it so crucial to drive carefully during the monsoon season?

Accident rates rise because the roads become more hazardous when it rains. Many individuals are unaware of this. This is why they lack caution behind the wheel when it’s raining. When driving in the rain, it’s important to remember a few simple guidelines. Maintaining a safe following distance and avoiding excessive speed might help prevent accidents.

When approaching an area of a wet road, whether a damp junction or a wet surface, it is crucial to drive slowly and cautiously. Maintaining a safe following distance will give you enough time to respond if anything unexpected occurs in front of you. It will also help other drivers see you better and make them more careful when approaching you from behind.

How to keep your auto insurance claim from being turned down?

To guarantee that your vehicle is safe and that any repairs are covered, automobile owners should invest in supplemental policies in addition to their primary insurance. Here are some optional coverage that may be added to your comprehensive auto insurance policy to ensure that your vehicle is always well taken care of:

  1. Extra cover for the engine’s safety

    Comprehensive auto insurance will cover the basics if your car is not working, but the engine safety add-on plan will save you a lot of money if your engine breaks down because of flooding. If the machine becomes flooded, an oil leak or the gearbox breaks down; the engine protection add-on insurance will pay for the repairs.

    Extra cover for the engine's safety

  2. Zero-depreciation add-on cover

    The car’s depreciation factor determines the highest amount a policyholder may get for damages when filing an automobile insurance claim. The zero-depreciation rider will increase the claim amount significantly.

  3. Windshield protector

    If a hailstone breaks or cracks your windshield, the windshield add-on insurance will pay you for the costs of getting a new one.

Advice on Remaining Safe While Driving on Flooded Roads

Navigating a vehicle through flooded streets is difficult and risky. You can stay safe in these scenarios if you prepare correctly. Here are some essential things to remember:

  1. It’s dangerous to drive with the water level higher than the tires. The power of the water would be more than the car’s weight. Therefore, you should pull over and find another path.
  2. Wading through water that is lower than your tires necessitates the use of first gear. Increase engine speed by gently pressing the accelerator. The silencer will stay clear from that. Use the clutch to slow down the automobile. However, you shouldn’t slow the engine down. As soon as you pass through this area, you may increase speed and clear the silencer.
  3. Report car damage to your insurance immediately, preferably within 48 hours. This will allow you to assess the damage and resolve legal complications more quickly.
    Safe While Driving on Flooded Roads


Moreover, even if you take good care of your automobile and ensure it’s in good working order during the monsoon, you can only put some of your faith in it. If it starts to rain, stay away from these locations and slow down. Even while it shields you from potential dangers, it is still essential to ensure it is safe. Therefore, you must install these extra coverings to enjoy a comfortable ride during the monsoon.

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