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How to Build Muscle as a Woman: Guide for Gaining Weight the Right Way

Muscle as a Woman

Not every woman is the same since they have different desires when it comes to their body weight. Some women want to get a lean or toned body while others prefer to work harder to get bulky or muscular. If you belong to the second category, you must know that you can easily gain weight.

Why do women need muscles?

Several reasons why women want to have muscles and gain weight. Besides improving the physical appearance, some other reasons are:

  1. Weight control

    The muscle in our body can burn calories. So, when women have more muscle, the chances are higher that they will develop a higher metabolism. It means even if they do not hit the gym, you still can burn calories. This helps in maintaining body weight.

  2. Strengthens bone

    One of the major concerns in women is poor bone health. After women hit 40, they start to lose bone density. But, muscle gain can protect bone density so that you age with grace.

  3. Protects women from disease

    When you gain solid muscle or healthy weight, it can lower your risk of having chronic conditions like obesity, heart disease, etc. This increases your chance of long-term good health.

5 reasons to focus on strength training

As now women concentrate more on strengthening their muscles, they prefer to do strength training. This gives your body the perfect shape and improves your body’s health as well. Now, let’s know the top 5 reasons why women must do strength training.

  1. Helps prevent injury

    Strength training makes tendons, muscles, and ligaments stronger. So, it gives your body more stability and power to tackle injuries. Also, this training improves joint functions.

  2. Improves mental health

    Not everyone knows but strength training releases endorphins which is a natural mood lifter in our body. So, it can lower anxiety, stress, and depression, improving the mental health of women.

  3. Increases energy level

    If women do strength training, it improves their cardiovascular health and blood circulation. So, naturally, this increases their stamina and energy level.

  4. Improves body balance

    Strength training concentrates on building body balance as well by stabilising muscles. It can improve posture and lower the risk of falls.

  5. Offers quality of life

    If you want to promote longevity and improve the quality of life, you can do strength training. This training improves mobility and physical function, allowing women to enjoy their life to the fullest.

Training for female muscle growth

If you are thinking about how you can grow your muscles, then you must do strength training. This will ensure healthy muscle function. You can do other things, like:

  1. Bodyweight training

    You can go for bodyweight training to improve your body’s resistance mechanism. The bodyweight exercises are:

    • Pull-ups
    • Push-ups
    • Air squats
    • Sit-ups
    • Lunges
  2. Free weights

    Kettlebells, barbells, and dumbbells are the free-weight examples. You may feel exhausted at first, but with time, this training will improve your body balance and stabilise muscles.

  3. Strength machine

    You can use a strength machine to build your muscles. Go for three sets of 10 reps at once and use a moderate weight at first.

How much protein to eat for muscle growth?

The protein in our body builds blocks of our muscles. So, for repairing and rebuilding your muscles, you need to consume enough protein. Women can take 0.8 to 0.9 grams of protein per pound of their body weight to get a positive result.


For women, building body muscles does not have to be challenging. If you follow the process mentioned above, you can see the results quickly. Just be patient and work on yourself to get better day by day.

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