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5 Ways in Which Bananas Help in Weight Loss

Help in Weight Loss

Bananas usually are not the most recommended fruit when it comes to losing weight. The main reason behind this is their high sugar content also higher carbohydrates as compared to other fruits. Research has proved that this is wrong and is clearly a misconception. Doctors and dieticians have busted this myth and highly recommend bananas for weight loss. 

Some of the ways in which bananas can help in weight loss are:

Keeps You Full

Bananas are high in fibre which makes them slow to digest thus helping one in keeping full for a long time. This ensures that the consumption of calories is low during the day which helps in creating a calorie deficit and thus, assists in weight loss. Pairing a banana with a high protein food like eggs makes it more effective.

Insulin Sensitivity

Bananas are a good way to keep blood sugar levels in control. Bananas improve the insulin sensitivity that is the body becomes more efficient in processing glucose and this, thus leads to weight loss. The content of resistant starch is high in bananas which also improves insulin resistance.

Healthy Dessert

Everyone loves a dessert and most of us hate the fact that we have a sweet tooth. The love for desserts never helps in weight loss and on the contrary adds to the woes. Bananas come in very helpful here as they are a natural source of sugar and because of the high fibre content help, one feel full and reduces the craving for sugar. Bananas unlike other desserts in not rich in calories but are a dessert option that has high nutritional content. 

Helps in Better Sleep

Energy levels need to be high to be active and create a calorie deficit in the body. There is enough evidence to prove that good sleep is a must for weight loss. When the body is well-rested it is energetic and improves eating and also helps in exercising better. The human body needs melatonin to sleep better and this natural chemical is found in bananas. Bananas thus, help in improving the quality of sleep and this has long-term health benefits which also help in weight loss.

Improves Workouts

Muscle cramps can be a deterrent to a good workout. Cramps are caused due to an imbalance in the electrolyte mainly potassium. Bananas are a good source of potassium and thus, consumption of bananas reduces muscle cramps. Bananas thus help in building muscles which is important for the metabolism of the body and this, in turn, helps in weight loss. Healthy muscles are good for safety and also for staying healthy and this also gives the right levels of energy to work out and lose weight.

Bananas are a good fruit to add to a healthy and well-balanced diet and they have immense benefits. Little unripe bananas are good for the gut and they have many other benefits which help in keeping one healthy and also assist in weight loss.

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