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Surprising Side Effects Carbs Have on Your Skin

Surprising Side Effects Carbs Have on Your Skin

Acne problem is something that a lot of us have faced at some point in life or the other. However, for some of us, the problem is a bit more pronounced. Hormonal changes and medication are the two common culprits for acne problems. However, recent studies show that your food might also play a crucial role in the same.

Food can cause additional issues apart from acne as well. Some food items can tamper with the collagen levels, while others can result in dehydration of your skin. And most of it is usually tied to carbohydrates. The following are four types of carbs and how they impact your skin.

  • Cow’s Milk

    Consuming cow’s milk can worsen your acne condition. There are about 12 grams of carbs in an approximation of 250 ml of 1% cow’s milk. Lactose is the naturally occurring carb and sugar source in milk. And it is known to cause skin breakout in many. About 65% of the world’s population has a lower ability to digest milk after infancy. And that might be the reason behind your skin reacting poorly to dairy products.

    Milk has whey and casein, its two major proteins. And when our body tries to break them down, it creates the hormone IGF-1. IGF-1 is known for creating skin flare-ups. Another study shows that skim milk causes even higher skin breakouts.

  • Candies

    A lot of us have a weakness towards candies. However, your favorite candy might be causing more damage to your than you might think. Collagen is the protein that keeps your skin hydrated, elastic, and healthy overall. However, consuming too many candies can damage the collagen in your skin. In fact, any food that has white sugar can do similar effects on your skin. Thus, try to avoid candies and white sugar as much as possible for better skin.

  • Alcohol

    Consuming too much alcohol such as beer can be damaging to your skin in the long term. Beer contains more carbs than any other alcohol. If you consume a lot of beer and do not drink enough water, it will lead to premature aging of the skin. It is primarily because alcohol acts as a diuretic. In simple words, it drains liquid out of your body. And if these liquids are not replenished, it impacts the skin.

  • Refined Carbs

    Some products made of refined carbs can cause a lot more damage to your skin than you realize. Food items such as cakes, candies, donuts, and white bread might lead to skin irritation. Consuming such food items regularly will lead to an increase in blood sugar levels. The higher blood sugar levels would force the body to produce more insulin. And this produces more oil in the body, which eventually leads to the development of acne. 

While it is not recommended to get rid of carbs completely, reducing their intake will help you with your skin issues. As always, it is a good idea to consult with your dermatologist as well.

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