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Healthy Cooking Oils for High Cholesterol

Healthy Cooking Oils for High Cholesterol

It is very important to research well for the healthiest option of cooking oil if you’re suffering from high cholesterol. Using less oil in your recipes will remarkably cut down your cholesterol levels. Foods that are heavy in trans and saturated fats cause high cholesterol. Saturated fats in oils can raise cholesterol levels. Few oils such as coconut oil, and palm oil, have saturated fats which result in the formation of bad cholesterol. In this article let’s discuss the various types of cooking oils and their health benefits. It is essential to understand which oil is best for salad, sauteing, stir-fry etc.

Smoke Point

The smoke point of an oil refers to the temperature at which the oil begins to generate smoke.. It shows that the oil is breaking down and releasing free radicals and harmful chemicals for the body.Extra virgin olive oil, has quite a low smoke point. It is widely used for salad dressing or for sautés. Whereas Sunflower oil has a high smoke point which can be used for frying.

Hence, it is important to find the healthiest option for you if you have high cholesterol. Let’s have a look at some healthiest oils to control cholesterol:

  1. Sesame oil

    Sesame oil is known to have a lesser smoke point as compared to other types of oils. It has a lot balanced level of fats which can be used for cooking, sauteing vegetables, and as a salad dressing. Sesame oil has a nutty flavour which enhances the flavour of a lot of dishes, especially Chinese recipes, which are liked by a lot of people.

  2. Peanut oil

    Pea nut oil is a cost-effective oil for cooking. This oil is extracted from peanuts and has a lot of nutrients. Most of the nutrients are stored in cold-pressed peanut oil. This oil is perfect for roasting, grilling or sauteing meats. It also has many health benefits for people with high cholesterol.

  3. Olive oil

    Olive oil is widely used worldwide for cooking due to its high nutritional value. It has no cholesterol, and extra-virgin olive oil, is the least processed variant of olive oil, and is one of the healthiest options. Cold-pressed olive oil is of the highest quality because the temperature never exceeds during the pressing process. Olive oil has monosaturated fats and nutrients which are used in salads, pasta etc.

  4. Chia seed oil

    Chia seed oil is full of omega-3 fatty acids. It has an extremely high smoke point It is used for sautéing, pasta, and salads. Chia seed oil is a healthy option for people who have high cholesterol and prefer less oil in their cooking. This oil has less fibre as compared to the seeds. 

  5. Avocado oil

    Avocado oil is extracted from the flesh of the avocado fruit and tastes very nice even at high temperatures. This oil is anti-inflammatory, is an antioxidant, and has a lot of monosaturated fats stored in it. Avocado oil is very healthy for the heart and eyes as well and can be used for a lot of recipes. 

If you intend to control your cholesterol or blood pressure, just make sure to choose the right oil for cooking. You don’t have to ban all fats from your diet as we need some amount of good fat to maintain our energy levels and vitamin absorption. We require a little dietary fat to have healthy hair and healthy skin, but it should be the right type of oil.

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