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Simple foods that curb sugar cravings

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Sugar is not an enemy so stop treating it as one! Of course, sugar, when consumed in large quantities can be harmful, but a little sweet treat here or there won’t cause much harm. If however you always long for sugary food, you may need to control your cravings. In this article we tell you how you can fight these urges. Take a look.


At times, the body demands a particular type of food and it becomes difficult to rest until you consume it. Sugar cravings are quite common. The body, whether due to a deficiency or a psychological reason, sends signals to your brain to consume something sweet. Unfortunately, most of us give in to it and end up consuming a harmful amount of calories.


You can always fight the urge and be resolute enough to not give in. However, at times, being practical also works. Understanding the reason why you have the craving is a good idea. For instance, when you consume a meal rich in carbohydrates like white rice or potato, your body wants more of it and a sugar craving begins. So you can limit the consumption of the carb in the first place to stop the sugar craving from arising. Alternatively, you can resort to having some natural sweet foods that help you deal with the problem.


1. Fruits: Fruits are naturally sweet. The sugars found in fruits are not processed in anyway and so are digested by the body properly. Additionally. A fruit is packed with fibres and these fibres go a long way in countering the ill-effects of sugar. So pop your favourite fruit if you want to munch on something sweet and satiate your sugar craving in a healthy manner.


2. Dark chocolate: Anything that has chocolate in it is a winner! Dark chocolate is one of the healthiest foods out there as they are loaded with antioxidants and contain very little sugar. So if you really feel like biting into a bar of chocolate, opt for a darker variety, but remember to limit the intake.


3. Nuts: Many nuts, like walnuts and cashews, are pleasantly sweet. They are also full of vitamins and minerals that naturally control your sugar cravings. So if you want to challenge your body during a big sugar crave, feed on some delicious and crunchy nuts.


4. Beet crystals: Beet is a naturally sweet vegetable. Beet crystals are frozen bits of beet that can be dissolved in water. These crystals are refreshing pops of sweetness that help you out during a crave.


5. Raw honey: Rather than adding a heaped spoon of sugar into your drink or pudding, add a dash of raw honey. Raw honey is one of nature’s biggest medicines as it is full of therapeutic agents. It is sweet and delicious too and proves to be the perfect treat to go to.

So the next time you crave something sweet, reach for these naturally sweetened foods, rather than opting for a heavily sugared dessert. Your body and mind will be satisfied and your health will send you a quiet note of gratitude.

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