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Outdoor Fitness Trends: Embracing Nature for Wellness

Outdoor Fitness Trends

Exercising outdoors has innumerable health benefits which also act as an anti-depressant for us. Getting exposed to sunlight can effectively reduce anxiety due to the rise in our serotonin levels. Endorphins are produced during exercising which is a feel-good hormone that boosts our mood and makes us feel relaxed. Walking on a treadmill inside a gym can make you feel tired and exhausted fast as compared to a walk in nature. 

Benefits of working out in nature

There are innumerable benefits of exercising in nature where you can fill your lungs with fresh morning air. Connectedness with nature provides us with physiological and psychological benefits.

  1. Aids in improving mental health:
    A lot of studies have proved that outdoor exercising can lift up our mood, and reduce anxiety and depression. Combining meditation with physical exercise can boost our overall health and immunity. It is said that nature is the best healer, ground yourself by walking barefoot on the green grass for at least 20 minutes and feel energetic throughout the day. We have a lot of nerve endings in our feet which get stimulated when we walk barefoot on the grass lifting up our mood.
  2. Relieves stress:
    Exercising in the natural world has immense healing effects which reduces stress and aids in overall well-being. By simply looking at the greenery one can feel peaceful and calm which is an added benefit of working out in nature. To alleviate stress, nature, and exercise are a potent combination. Mindfully moving in nature is also very significant in order to absorb the environment. Every minute detail in nature matters in order to heal our mind, body, and soul. Feeling like the sound of the sea waves, the fresh breeze on our skin, can have a calming effect on us and help us to relax.
  3. Increases vitamin D levels:
    Outdoor exercise helps in increasing our vitamin D levels. A lack of vitamin D can make us feel weak, lethargic, and tired all the time. A daily dose of Vitamin D effectively boosts our immune system, fights depression, aids in bone growth, and curbs osteoporosis. Get outside more often even if you don’t feel like it considering the amount of benefits we can have.
  4. Reduce boredom:
    Whenever one feels bored, just put on your running shoes and go out for a refreshing walk or run. It will immediately lift up your mood and raise your energy levels. Listen to your favourite music while exercising which will make you feel happier. Exercising in nature improves our health even further as being in nature is calming to humans. Outdoor exercise calms our nervous system heals anxiety and gives us a lot of energy.


While most people consider going to the gym as a better option to work out, outdoor exercise can bring a lot more benefits. Greenery in nature like Trees, and forests help us feel better, encourages us to have a more active lifestyle, and reduces the symptoms of some severe health conditions. So, it is essential for every one of us to go outdoors for our daily workout and make the most out of nature. 

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