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Effective measures to control stress headaches

Relax and say no to stress

Stress has become such an integral part of our modern-day lives that we forget to look for ways to keep it away from us! Stress triggers many disorders and discomforts, some very serious and some just plain annoying. Stress headaches are one such discomfort that come along with the tension and anxiety. In this article we tell you about the natural ways in which you can combat these difficult stress headaches. Take a look.

Simple tips to control stress headaches:
1. Relax.

This may sound a bit too easy, but it actually works wonders on stress headaches. If you are too tensed or worried about something, try to disconnect from it. Relax and let your mind slow down for a while. You can sit quietly, listen to some soothing music, read an enjoyable book, play with a child or a pet or engage in any other activity that helps you calm down. Relaxation is one of the best remedies for stress headaches. Read more on why is mental health and relaxation important for you.

2. Get a massage.

Try massaging your head and your neck if you have a stress headache. The headaches are sometimes caused by improper blood flow in the head and the neck. Massaging opens up the channels and regulates the flow of blood, thereby reducing the headaches to quite an extent.

3. Get your eyes examined. 

Poor vision may spark off a stress headache. If there is undue stress on your eyes, it will trigger a headache. So if you have more than three headaches a week, definitely get your eye examined by a doctor.

4. Use aromatic oils.

Natural oils like peppermint oil, lavender oil and eucalyptus oil help the head and neck muscles to relax, relieving a lot of stress. This is turn reduces the pain and works well to combat the throbbing headaches.

5. Breathing exercises.

Stress headaches are often caused by improper oxygen flow to the head. When you are very tensed, the oxygen flow may get cut off temporarily and this may result in excruciating headaches. Take a few minutes off, sit in a quiet place and do some deep breathing exercises. Inhale slowly through your nose and exhale through the mouth. Do this for some time and you will see a positive result.

6. Stay away from caffeine.

You may be very tempted to grab a cup of coffee when a headache is tearing you up, but drinking the caffeine will only worsen the condition. Caffeine has the power to push your blood pressure up. High BP is directly linked to headaches and so you must stay away from the caffeine rich foods at the time of a stress headache. Instead, drink some cold water and stay hydrated and you may get some relief.

Try out these simple methods and see if they help you out during a stress headache. However, if the headache persists for long or if you get them too frequently, do consult a doctor. A headache can at times be a strong indicator of an underlying health problem and so you must not neglect it for too long.

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