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Productivity hacks: Tips to improve your Focus

Productivity hacks: Tips to improve your Focus

Productivity improvement is achieved when one uses the right management of time and tasks. People can do that with the help of various hacks; such as streamlining their workflows, minimising distractions, and optimising their performance. 

The ways of being prepared, using templates, and productive music are the most practical ways of increasing productivity in your daily life.

The importance of being productive

Proactivity is the key to success in both personal and professional life. It consists of taking the lead, thinking ahead, and keeping the nose on the ground especially before problems escalate. Proactivity helps to ward off challenges, capture opportunities, and retain the power to own the situations.

It develops resilience, adaptability, and a proactive attitude that enables individuals to take charge of their future instead of merely responding to it. Also, this lays the foundations for feeling ownership and accountability which results in more productivity, efficacy, and attaining targets.

Different hacks to maximise your productivity

In a world that is now evolving so fast, it is not only advantageous but almost a necessity to be proactive to be able to deal with the uncertainties in the future. So, here are some effective hacks on how you can stay productive.

  1. Plan your day ahead of time: Planning the schedule of your day in advance can prove beneficial. This preparation gives you focus and direction for each day, preventing the waste of time on indecision.
  2. Note down three important regular tasks: Decide on and rank the highest three daily jobs. Working on these timely goals makes progression achievable.
  3. Set up a particular time to start your work: You must set a specific time when you will begin your work. This routine makes your brain perform focused tasks and keeps it consistently effective.
  4. Turn off your notifications on your phone: Turn off your notifications to avoid distracting your thoughts and focus on the tasks you are currently doing. This practice will increase your productivity level all day long.
  5. Apply the minutes rule for small tasks: Never waste much time deciding what to do during the day. So, in this case, you can avoid doing the small tasks from accumulating and stealing our time in the long run.
  6. Use templates for daily tasks: Templates or checklists for routine tasks can help you arrange your workflow in a systematic way. Through this, you can avoid repetition of planning the same task over again.
  7. Listen to productive music: Use music to improve focus and productivity. Practice with several genres to find out what works best for you to keep the motivation and concentration during your work sessions.


It might be difficult to remain focused and productive in a society when there are many distractions. Through the engagement of these productivity hacks, you will actually be streamlining the process and achieving a lot more in less time.

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