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When Should You Use Protein?

Use Protein

One of the most widely used supplements in the world right now is protein powder and many fitness enthusiasts have added it to their daily diet. There are tons of reasons why people use protein supplements, as it helps in weight reduction and enhances muscle build. Also, some take it to maintain their daily protein intake and body fitness. A few common examples of protein powder include whey protein, pea protein, hemp protein, casein protein, soya protein, etc. So, in case you are considering taking protein powder but don’t know the right time to consume it, go through the pointers mentioned below.

You should take protein depending on your predetermined objectives and goals. Here are some examples of the right time to use protein:

  1. When Building Muscles (Post-Workout)

    One of the key roles of protein is that it helps in muscle building and strengthening. To do so, you will need to intake more protein that your body can naturally break down, especially during heavy weight lifting or resistance training. However, various people have different opinions about the best time to use protein in order to get the ideal results in muscle growth. Generally, most fitness enthusiasts suggest taking protein supplements within 15 minutes to an hour after the workout. Although recent research shows that you can take protein supplements anytime within 2 hours, post-workout, to get ideal results in building muscle mass. In this case, the consumption of sufficient amounts of protein is more important than the timeframe of its intake.

  2. When Aiming for Weight Reduction

    Maintaining a high protein diet will allow you to increase your metabolism and significantly minimize your appetite. The consumption of a high amount of protein helps in the reduction of ghrelin levels and increases appetite-reducing hormone levels. This will allow you to consume fewer calories every day and is thus beneficial for weight reduction in the long run.

  3. To Avoid Muscle Loss

    According to recent studies, it is seen that people over the age of 30, experience nearly 3 to 8% of loss in muscle mass with each passing decade. This can give rise to various health-related issues, including the possibility of fractures and can even reduce lifespan. So, for aging adults, it is suggested that they consume around 25 to 30 grams of protein with each meal.

  4. Before Going to Bed

    Another suggested time to take protein supplements for people, especially the elderly, is before going to bed. The purpose of doing so is to effectively build muscle, increase strength, boost exercise performance and enhance recovery. Protein consumed before going to bed is effectively digested and absorbed by the body, which also increases its availability for the muscles and helps in better muscle recovery. 

  5. To Fulfil Daily Criteria

    Experts suggest that the primary source of protein in the human body should always be foods like eggs, meat, fish, dairy, peanut butter, lentils, etc. However, if you are under a busy schedule and can not maintain your proper diet routine every day, then you can take protein supplements to fill the remaining gap in your daily criteria. But make sure that protein supplements don’t replace your primary source of daily protein intake. 


The points that are mentioned in this article are widely adopted by many fitness and workout enthusiasts. Both the amount of daily protein intake and its timing matter to various extents. By properly implementing the right time to use protein in your daily diet, you will get significant results and move towards reaching your fitness goals.

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