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What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is in plenty all around us. Sunlight, water, tides, and wind are examples of renewal energy that are replenished highly and are very little consumed. These are natural resources that are in abundance as a gift of nature to humanity. Fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas are non-renewable resources that have formed over hundreds of millions of years. Fossil fuels are very harmful to us when they are burned since they produce harmful greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. 

The use of renewable energy is resulting in less pollution across the world and has a positive effect on the economy. Many countries in the world have been using large areas to generate renewable energy from the sun and wind. It is widely available in the places where there is a lot of sunlight throughout the year. 

Types of Renewable Energy

There are several types of renewable energy sources from which we can harness the power of nature to generate electricity and heat. Let’s learn about the types of renewable energies that are available in nature for us: 

  1. Solar Energy:

    Solar panels are placed at different places to harness the energy of the sun to convert it into electricity. This has become a common practice in today’s world as it’s a lot cheaper and widely available. This type of energy is widely used in businesses and homes all over the world. People are switching to solar panels in the areas where it is largely available throughout the year.

  2. Wind Energy:

    Wind turbines are being used to turn blades connected to a generator, producing electricity. There are large acres of land allocated for the placement of the wind turbines by the wind farms depending on the location and the strength of the wind. 

  3. Hydroelectric power:

    This form of energy is generated by flowing water, such as rivers or waterfalls, turning turbines to create electricity. Large dams and smaller hydroelectric plants are examples of this technology.

  4. Biomass Energy:

    Biomass energy is a form of biological material that is extracted from living organisms, plants, etc. Biomass is used to produce heat and can be converted to biofuels. It can be easily converted to other forms of fuels like ethanol, methane gas, and, biodiesel which are extremely useful.

Climate Change is causing irreparable damage to our atmosphere. The huge amount of burning of fossil fuels results in an increase of carbon dioxide in the air which creates toxicity in the atmosphere. Global warming is a big concern that humanity is dealing with currently. In contrast, renewable energy doesn’t produce any harmful gas rather it helps in the betterment of the climate. 

To sum it all up, It is a necessity in today’s world to transition to renewable energy in order to control the damage being done to our climate. Renewable energy sources are a better alternative to fossil fuels and are far more sustainable, clean, and abundant. Nature has given us many sources of renewable energy which we can harness through the sun, wind, water, and Earth, to have an eco-friendly world. 

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