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Top 5 factors that improve productivity


Are you looking to increase your productivity?  Are you worried about why you aren’t getting the desired results even after working so hard?  Well, it may just be that while you are working to your full potential, you aren’t quite applying the correct techniques. Take a look at this article to know of some simple ways in which you can improve your productivity.

  1. Impose deadlines on yourself – Whether you are an entrepreneur, a top-boss, or a mid-level executive, you need to work to your full potential. To get the best out of yourself, impose deadlines on yourself. Give yourself fixed amounts of time in which you need to complete a task or turn in a report. Often, you tend to put off assignments till the very last minute and this hampers your productivity. If you set deadlines for yourself, you finish the task at hand and this helps you to improve your productivity.
  2. Work while you commute – Many people commute to work by public transport such as busses and trains. The commute hours are often long. Make full use of this time and get as much work done as you can. Reply to your emails, complete assignments that are due, or simply make a few important phone calls. When you utilize this time, you give yourself a lot of free time to spend at home with your loved ones. This relaxes your mind and you wake up refreshed the next day.
  3. Take adequate rest – A tired mind and sore body can only function to a particular limit. You cannot get the best ideas or put in your highest efforts when you are tired and worn out. This is why an adequate amount of rest is crucial to improve your productivity. Take proper rest and you will see an improvement in your own performance.
  4. Learn to say “no” – At times, you simply need to say no. if you already have a lot of work, you cannot possibly take on more work and then complete every task diligently and perfectly. You need time to do things, so learn to say “no” to extra work when there is no scope or time to complete it properly. It is better to say no than to take up work and leave it incomplete.
  5. Do not multitask – When you multitask, you end up making mistakes at several places. Try to avoid multitasking. Rather, work in a group or delegate some of your work to an able colleague. You need to do what you are good at to improve your productivity. Working in too many places at once can cause havoc to your concentration and you will end up making mistakes.


If you give the above-mentioned tips a try, you will definitely see a surge in your productivity. Many times, people work to their full potential but the results reflect otherwise. That happens because they ignore the aforementioned rules and work in a way

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