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Healthy Cake Frosting Options

Healthy Cake Frosting Options

Eating cake is one of the greatest joys of life! Cake brings happiness, and since it’s almost always associated with a celebration, it helps create memories too. While a cake is a delicious indulgence, it isn’t always the healthiest food to eat. Cake has high amounts of sugar which makesmake it harmful to have in large amounts. But don’t let this deter you – just find a healthy cake recipe and use an even healthier frosting (because cake without frosting is no fun, right?) recipe and get going.

Healthy alternatives to sugary cake frostings

  • Water ganache:

    Also known as vegan chocolate frosting, water ganache eliminates the healthy cream from your frosting and instantly lowers the sugar and calorie count. You just need two ingredients for this frosting – dark chocolate and water. Combine them in a 2:1 ratio and microwave them in one-minute bursts. Give it a good stir once melted and let it cool down and your healthy chocolate frosting is ready.

  • Hung curd with honey:

    This is the easiest, yet one of the healthiest cake frosting ideas. Take some fresh yoghurt and hand it overnight in the fridge. Once the water is drained and the yoghurt is stiff, mix some organic honey and give it a good stir. Check for the sweetness and adjust if needed. Viola! Your quick and easy healthy cake frosting is ready. Smear it generously on your cake and in between the layers and enjoy till the last bite of the dessert.

  • Peanut butter:

    Peanut butter has several health benefits. From being a low-fat alternative to dairy butter to having lots of fibre and minerals, peanut butter is a superfood. So why not include this in your cake frosting? You can add some melted chocolate to the peanut butter and have a rich frosting ready in minutes. You can add some whipped cream and make the softest and creamiest frosting for your delicious cake. Or, you can use it directly from the jar and make your cake exceptionally delicious.

  • Fruit puree:

    This not only makes for a great cake frosting, but it also gives you the chance to feed your kids some fresh fruits, which otherwise may be a task! All you have to do is blitz up your favourite fruit in the mixie and apply it to the cake. You can mix it with some cream or chocolate to add some more flavour and texture. If you are frosting a chocolate cake, fruits such as bananas and strawberries would work best. If you are frosting a white cake, go for pineapples, mango, etc.

There is no limit to your creativity when it comes to baking and frosting a cake. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind and have your cake in a completely guiltless manner. Life is too short to not eat cake, so grab a fork and start enjoying!

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