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Are cereal bars harmful to you?

cereal bars

Cereal bars are a common snack, mainly touted as being ‘healthy’. People grab these bars on the go and enjoy the crunch. But is the so-called healthy cereal bar actually that healthy? Or is that just a myth? Let’s find out.

The components of a cereal bar

A cereal bar is made up of various ingredients such as nuts, seeds, dried fruits, carbs, chocolate chips, etc. If you break down the calorie content in a cereal bar, it may be less. However, there are components such as carbs and sugars that can be on a higher side in many of these bars. Here’s a look at why cereal bars can be unhealthy:

  • Carbs:

    These days, carbs are seen as a harmful and fattening food group. This is why many people avoid carbs. Granola bars have ingredients such as oats, fruits, etc all of which contain carbs in them.

  • Sugar:

    Sugar is harmful to the human body, and hence, it is best avoided. Some brands of cereal bars have a lot of added sugar, which makes them excessively harmful. This is another reason why your cereal bar may not be a very healthy option.

  • Saturated fat:

    Certain ingredients, such as coconut, have a high amount of saturated fat which can be dangerous if you have a weak heart. This is another reason why cereal bars are sometimes considered to be unhealthy.

Keeping these facts in mind, you can argue that a cereal bar can be unhealthy for people who are on a restricted diet.

Points to remember when choosing a cereal bar

If you are careful when choosing a cereal bar, you may find a good one that can actually become a healthy snack for you to munch on:

  • Check the ingredients:

    The different cereal bars have different ingredients in them. Some have added sugars and some have no added sugar. Check out the list of ingredients very carefully before you buy a cereal bar and you should be able to find a suitable one in no time. 

  • Place them between meals:

    You need to have your cereal bar as a snack and not as a whole meal. Some people skip important meals such as their breakfast or dinner and have just a cereal bar. This is an unhealthy practice and something that you must stay far away from.

  • Speak to your nutritionist:

    And last but not the least, remember to speak to your nutritionist or dietician about the nutrition you get from a cereal bar. If you have a specific health condition where you have been advised to avoid certain food groups, your dietician can tell you whether or not a cereal bar will be harmful to your health.


Most things are fine when they are taken in moderation. If you overeat any food, you will get sick. Even a so-called unhealthy food may not cause any major harm if you consume it in moderation. So find a good cereal bar and eat it sparingly and you should be fine.

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