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8 Benefits Of Papaya For Your Skin + The Right Ways To Use

Benefits Of Papaya

The use of papaya is a boon for dry skin which reduces the signs of aging, and exfoliates your dead skin cells to clear the impurities to get a healthy glow. There are numerous ways papaya is used in beauty regimes, including face serums, creams, and masks. It consists of Vitamin A, vitamin C and the enzyme called papain which controls the signs of aging.

  1. Rejuvenate and moisturize your skin 

    The anti-aging papaya face mask can be used 2 times a week, with the pulp of ripe papaya, honey and milk to make skin soft and supple. Keep the face mask for 30 minutes, and rinse off with cold water.

  2. Remove pigmentation and Skin lightening properties

    The scars and blemishes of your skin can be easily managed by the papaya juice, soak it in a cotton ball and apply it to the affected area, keep for 15 minutes and rinse with cold water, otherwise, you can add honey and lemon juice to papaya pulp and use weekly basis to improve skin texture, this lightens the facial hair to brighten the skin.

  3. Exfoliate dead cells and stimulate collagen production 

    This can effectively remove dirt, and cell debris and flush out toxins, and free radicals from the skin causing fine lines, and wrinkles, restore collagen production and improve skin texture. you can add sugar dust and coffee with papaya pulp, and honey for messaging gently to get glowing skin.

  4. Removes sun tan

    The sun tan can be removed easily while using ripe papaya, turmeric powder and honey mixture once a week as a pack.

  5. Treat Skin Conditions

    The skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, melasma can be well treated with papaya and milk which help in burning, itching, and manage redness as well. The drinking of papaya juice and milk also improves your skin rashes.

  6. Control acne breakout 

    The papaya fruit, leaves, and seeds have enzymes rich in antioxidants which can be used for removing scars, and blemishes caused by acne. you can use thick papaya pulp paste in the affected area to have a healthy skin texture. This can also prevent the formation of inflammatory acne by clearing dead skin cells which cause clogging of the pores and control acne s.

  7. Reduce under-eye dark circle

    The green papaya is a natural bleaching agent, it can be used under the eye area as a paste, massage gently and after 10 minutes wipe off with a cotton cloth, and wash with lukewarm water, to get the best results, include it in your daily routine.

  8. Remove wrinkles and fine lines

    The papaya pulp can be used for improving the elasticity of your skin, this helps to fight the skin with free radical damage and keep the skin young and healthy. 

The skin craft is to be understood primarily to use the papaya as per your need. For the dry and flaky skins use papaya with honey, and milk, while for the oily skins use orange juice with papaya pulp to have a perfect astringent to control sebum production. The sensitive skin may use the cucumber and banana pulp with the ripe papaya to have a natural glow. The seeds and leaves also can be used like the papaya fruit as those are equally beneficial to the skin. The homemade face packs using your own ingredients of choice are a good option to pamper your skin with papaya. You may opt-out of the papaya gel, powder, soap, or packs based on your skin type.

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