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7 Classic Shoes for Every Man

Classic Shoes for Every Man

You are entirely free to invest in current trends or timeless products. But it’s always a good idea to have a pair of sturdy basic shoes on hand. Additionally, classic styles are always a wiser choice than shoes from a certain season if you intend to spend a significant amount of money. Choosing the ideal pair of shoes can frequently be mind-boggling due to the enormous selection available. Here are 7 timeless pairs of shoes for every man.

  1. Oxfords

    Oxfords are the most traditional style of dress shoe for men. When a formal function is scheduled, nothing screams dapper more than a pair of sleek, polished oxfords. A black oxford shoe in patent leather is classified as a classic shoe due to it’s particularly slick, official appearance. Despite the wide variety of colours that are currently available, nothing compares to the timeless black pair, which is perfect for everything from a formal event to your regular workwear clothing.

  2. Loafers

    Because they have a relaxed appearance, loafers are ideal for all of your smart-casual outfits. There are several loafer types available, ranging from fancy loafers to traditional penny loafers, and all of them typically mix well with both modern streetwear and classic menswear ensembles. These timeless shoes for men won’t let you down. Wear them with shorts, chino pants, or cropped jeans. 

  3. Brogues

    Brogues are an absolute requirement if you are looking to have a set of the classic shoes. For every formal outfit, brogues are a distinctive choice. Choose dark-shaded brown brogues for official functions and lighter-colored brogues for everyday use. Pair them with jeans or a double-breasted linen suit for a well-dressed day.

  4. Double Monk straps

    We would advise getting a set of monk straps without a second thought if you’re seeking a fashionable substitute for formal shoes. If it is made of waxed brown leather, it’s even better. For the greatest appearance, go with a set of brown monk straps, which make an excellent substitute for oxfords. To guarantee they steal the show, pair them with a regal blue suit.

  5. Chelsea Boots 

    Chelsea boots, which are ideal for the winter, have the ability to rapidly upgrade your appearance. The elastic side panels that characterize Chelsea boots make it possible to put on the ankle-high silhouette firmly without the use of laces. To obtain a sophisticated look, pair these with a denim outfit or even a suit and turtleneck.

  6. White Sneakers

    White sneakers have emerged as the new classic shoe for guys. The fact that they go with practically anything is what makes them so fantastic. Sneakers are perfect for downtown runs since they combine flair with comfort. The fan favorites are frequently white sneakers, but we advise including a flash of colour to avoid high maintenance. 

  7. Derbies 

    The difference between derbies and oxfords is the exposed lacing design, which allows you to open the shoe’s face outward by stitching it to the shoe. Although these boots have a more formal appearance, they look well with casual clothing as well.


A nice dress should always be coupled with a pair of good shoes; never wear one without the other. Even if you don’t follow the latest trends, owning a set of these classics keeps you credible. These 7 timeless styles fit perfectly with formal attire like suits and tuxedos, but they look great with casual wear as well.

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