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5 Superfoods to Boost Your Liver Health

Boost Your Liver Health

A quick reminder of school biology classes. The liver is the largest internal organ in the human body. And it should not come as a surprise that it is responsible for a lot of bodily functions, around 500 to be precise. It helps in the creation of bile which helps to break down the food we eat, store different nutrients and fights some disease.

It also aids the heart in filtering your blood of some toxins. Thus, it is essential in ensuring that your liver is healthy. The kind of food that we consume, and alcohol can heavily impact the liver and its functions. The following are some superfoods that can boost the health of your liver.

  • Broccoli:

    Broccoli is usually a hit or a miss kind of vegetable. People usually either like it or they don’t. However, that doesn’t take away an iota of benefits that it provides for the liver. Broccoli helps in the creation of enzymes needed for digestion. This ensures that the health of your liver is fine and that it can perform at optimal levels. Broccoli also helps in detoxification and has some enzymes and minerals which can fight cancer.

  • Onions:

    It being one of the most commonly used vegetables makes it easier to incorporate into our diets. Onions naturally act as detoxifiers and help the liver function properly by getting rid of toxins in the body. People suffering from fatty liver should consume onions. Commonly, alcohol damages the liver. However, taking drugs and smoking also impacts liver functions. Including onions in the diet helps to lessen their effects.

  • Leafy Greens:

    Leafy green vegetables are among the least favourite vegetables. Since the leaves are green in colour, they contain chlorophyll. Chlorophyll helps in purifying the blood and in turn, helps the liver function properly. Leavy greens usually act as a protective shield for the liver, as they help in neutralizing certain metals and chemicals in the body.

  • Beetroot:

    Beetroot is a very rich source of minerals and vitamins. It has a high content of potassium, iron, phosphorous, fibre, magnesium, vitamins, beta-carotene and flavonoids. Adding beetroot to your diet will help purify the liver and they are also known to prevent certain types of cancer. Beetroot is also a good antioxidant and is again helpful for people who have fatty liver deposits. 

  • Apples:

    The list would have been incomplete without fruit in there. Apple is known to be a good source of various nutrients and minerals. They are rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals, and a few other photo-chemicals. They are such good sources of fibre that a single serving can help you provide as much as 12% of your day’s fibre requirement. Apart from fibres, they assist the liver in the creation of bile juice. Thus, keeping your liver healthy.

If you are very serious about your health and liver health, cutting down on alcohol and unhealthy food is a must. Consuming the above food helps you keep the liver in a much better shape.

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