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10 Surprising Facts About Your Brain

Facts About Your Brain

The brain is the epicentre of your existence. Your brain tells you what to do and gives you all the directions you need. It is the single most important organ in your body and it consists of billions of neurons. Take a look at this article to know more about this fascinating organ that gives you your individuality and sets you apart from the rest.

  1. It is a heavy organ

    The brain is one of the heaviest organs in the body. The brain weighs about three pounds and has billions of nerves and neurons in it. The neck is quite delicate, so it is said that the brain on the neck is much like a watermelon balancing on a toothpick! That is how fascinating our body is.

  2. It mainly consists of water

    More than 75% of the brain consists of water. This is why even the slightest bit of dehydration affects the brain and we start feeling dizzy, disoriented and at a loss for words. It is important to have water regularly as that supplies the brain with the hydration it needs and keeps it healthy.

  3. It is a fatty organ

    The brain has a lot of fat in it but all the fat cells in the brain are needed for it to work properly. Cholesterol supplies the brain with its power to function, so you need to include good fats and good cholesterol in your diet to take care of your brain.

  4. It has unlimited storage

    There is no limit to the amount of information a human brain can store. It keeps collecting and storing information all through your life.

  5. We use all of it

    It is only a myth that one can use only 10% of their brain. We can use all of it. The brain even works when we sleep.

  6. It is very fast

    The brain is one of the fastest organs in the human body. It processes and transmits information between the neurons at an average speed of about 250 miles per hour.

  7. It is extremely powerful 

    The brain has the power that is sufficient to light up a lightbulb at 23 watts! This is why you feel tired and need to rest so that the brain can replenish the power consumed.

  8. It keeps developing 

    The human brain keeps developing till we are about 25 years of age. However, the neurons and brain cells begin to weaken as early as when a person is in his 30s.

  9. Dreams are healthy 

    Dreaming is a healthy marker of your brain health. When you dream, it indicates that your brain is active and in proper working condition, even when you are sleeping. 

  10. Use a lot of blood and oxygen

    The brain uses up about 20% of the total share of the body’s blood and oxygen. 

Now that you know more about this amazing organ of your body, go and take good care of it. When you have a healthy and functional brain, you can lead a happy and successful life.

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