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Tips for a Strong and Happy Heart on World Heart Day

Tips for a Strong and Happy Heart

Heart health is celebrated globally on World Heart Day in September every year to promote awareness about the risks related to heart and cardiovascular disease. The aim is to reduce the number of deaths related to heart diseases that are caused due to poor diet, lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle, and smoking. Read on to learn the tips to make your heart happy and strong:

What Is World Heart Day?

World Heart Foundation selected 29th September to be the World Heart Day to create awareness of cardiovascular disease (CVD)globally. This special day promotes and encourages people to indulge in various forms of exercise daily for the overall wellness of their heart health.

  1. Know your heart health:

    Keep track of your vitals such as blood pressure, weight, cholesterol levels, glucose levels, and BMI. Visit your physician and get your tests done at regular intervals to be aware of your heart health. Deep breathing exercises and meditation should be incorporated into your early morning routine to rejuvenate your heart.

  2. Eating Well for a Healthy Heart:

    Eating a well-balanced diet is an essential factor for your heart health. Make the right nutritional choices and avoid processed or packaged food that has high fat and sugar content. Include lots of fruits and fresh vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and omega-3 fatty acids in your daily diet. 

  3. Exercise for a healthy heart:

    Indulge in consistent physical activity every day for at least 30 minutes. Cardio exercises like walking, running, and playing are very good for heart health. You can do yoga as well since it keeps you stress-free and is a form of exercise to stimulates your mind, body, and soul. 

  4. Stop smoking:

    Smoking and alcohol consumption are silent killers that weaken and block the arteries of your heart. These habits raise your blood pressure and make you age faster. So, stop smoking now!

  5. Know your ideal weight:

    Discuss with your doctor to know your ideal weight according to your height. Maintaining a healthy weight can benefit you a lot to curb the risks of heart disease. Make sure you do not cross the daily calorie intake too much. Excess weight puts a lot of strain on your heart.

In a nutshell, everyone wants to live a healthy life, for which having a healthy heart is super important. You are alive and kicking because your heart is beating properly. However, the current lifestyle of people can really threaten your heart health. Make a few healthy changes in your daily routine that keep your heart healthy and see the difference it creates in your life.

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