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Moderation Important To Any Healthy Diet

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Moderation is a simple technique that can improve the effectiveness of a diet. It simply means to eat as much food as your body needs. Moderation ensures that you feel satisfied by the end of a meal or a day but not stuffed. In some ways, it means eating in slightly smaller quantities than you currently are. However, it does not mean eliminating that food that you love. For example, you can have a healthy breakfast and dinner and opt to have a couple of slices of pizza for lunch. But if you follow it up with ice cream or doughnuts, it does not help the cause.

Here are a few simple tips to help you get into the habit of moderation and continue with it

  • Some Food is not Off-Limits:

    The moment you ban certain food items, the temptation to have those increases by a few notches. Moderation means that you can continue having such food items, albeit in smaller quantities. 

    A good starting point would be to reduce the portion of some unhealthy food that you are currently having. As you get into this habit, your body will slowly start craving a bit less for such good items.

  • Take your Time to Eat:

    It is essential that you consider food as nourishment for the body, rather than a chore or just gulping down whatever is there on the plate between calls and meetings. Your brain takes a few minutes to assess and let your body know if it is full or not. Thus, taking your time while eating can help you stop when you start feeling full. Rather than finishing everything that is out there.

  • Smaller Portions:

    A lot of restaurants now serve bigger portions. If you are out with a friend, try to split a dish or stay away from dishes that are supersized. When you are at home, you can replace your plates with something that is smaller. This will trick your brain to think that you are having a larger portion. If are not full by the end of the meal, you can top it up with some fruits, nuts or greens.

  • Stress Eating:

    A lot of us tend to overeat when we are under stress, bored or feeling lonely. At such times, you are not eating to satiate your hunger. Thus, you must look for healthier options to cope with such emotions, than relying solely on food.

  • Plan Your Meals:

    Another good technique that you can employ to practise moderation is planning your meals. You will have half the battle won if you plan for healthy meals in advance. It will slowly reflect in your food stash and the food that you cook as well. 

  • Timing of Food:

    It is equally important to maintain a consistent time for your meals as it is to maintain the portions. Eating smaller meals throughout the day is a great way to keep the energy levels high.

Moderation is any diet is healthy since it helps you enjoy your meals while not over-eating anything.

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