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Make Some Healthy Cereal Bars At Home

Healthy Cereal Bars At Home

Cereal bars are healthy and delicious, but at times, you end up eating too much sugar through these tasty treats. Also, the commercially produced cereal bars have added colours and preservatives, all of which makes them an unhealthy choice. This is why you should consider making the cereal bars at home. They are very easy to make and get done with some very basic pantry ingredients. Take a look at this article to know more.

Points to note before you make a cereal bar at home –

Here are some important points to note when you look to make your own cereal bars at home:

  • Get all the ingredients you need:

    Start by preparing well. Take a thorough look at the list of ingredients. Arrange for all the ingredients on the list. You will need oats, chocolate chips, dried fruits, seeds, nuts and so on. If you have all the ingredients laid out on the table before you start, you will be able to work systematically and quickly and that will make the entire task a lot easier for you. 

  • Check your nutritional requirements:

    Many cereal bars contain items such as coconuts and refined sugar. If you have a health issue that prevents you from consuming foods that aggravate your condition, you need to avoid that food group. For example, if you have high blood sugar, do not follow a cereal bar recipe that calls for adding refined sugar in the bar. Similarly, if you have a heart problem, do not opt for coconut as the high amounts of saturated fat in it can make you sick. So check your diet requirements and then make yourself a cereal bar that is tasty and safe for you to consume as well.

  • Look for storage options:

    As stated, the store-bought cereal bars are loaded with preservatives and this gives them an extended shelf life. However, when you make the cereal bars yourself at home, you do not add these preservatives. While that makes the treats healthy, they reduce the shelf life. You should ideally make fresh cereal bars when you wish to have them, but you can make a few and store them in airtight containers. But do not make them in bulk, as they may go bad sooner than you expect.

Get the perfect recipe:

There are many recipes available for cereal bars. However, you need to find the one that gives you the type of cereal bar, depending on what your needs are. Once that is done, you can easily make your own cereal bar at home. After you master the art of making delicious cereal bars at home, you can make them regularly and indulge in them in a guilt-free manner. 


A cereal bar is healthy because it has many superfoods such as seeds, nuts, coconut, oats, etc. Also, it is largely gluten-free, which adds an extra level of goodness to this sweet treat. Have your homemade cereal bars as a healthy snack in between your meals. However, balance them out with proper meals too, as your body requires well-rounded nutrition to stay fit.

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