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Ideas To Decorate Your Home This Diwali

Decorate Your Home This Diwali

Even before the holiday season officially starts, Diwali festivities begin! It is an extremely wholesome holiday that frequently involves improving the interior design of the home. Although Diwali is undoubtedly a festival of lights, there are many more straightforward yet lovely ways to celebrate it. Try hanging elaborate decorations like rangoli, candles, torans, and flowers to transform the appearance of the house. You have a lot of options for this festival to improve the inside and outside of your home. Here are a few simple Diwali house decoration ideas, but don’t hesitate to add your unique special touch. 

  1. Use Flower, Original/Fake

    Your home will smell and look great with flowers. Create a garland out of some flowers, and decorate the stair rails, stair knobs, and the front door with it. This flower garland may be attached to string lights to bring beauty to your home’s decor. 

  2. Diyas & Candles

    Diwali is celebrated with diyas and decorative candles. At home, you may create diyas and ornamental candles. Make candle holders out of trash cans by wrapping the can in colourful paper and inserting the candles inside. If your home has a garden, you can also place candle holders in the garden to create the appearance of hanging lights.

  3. Rangoli

    Rangoli is a traditional way of decorating a floor with drawings and patterns made with ground rice flour, powdered limestone, chalk and coloured sawdust to welcome the goddess Lakshmi. Holy symbols like mangal Kalash, Om, Swastik, and lit Deepak, are popular rangoli ideas for Diwali. Place a lighted Diyas in the middle or around your rangoli and decorate it with flowers and leaves to make it look beautiful.

  4. Lights

    You may use ornamental lights to embellish your house and string lights to illuminate external walls. In case you have a lawn, deck out the large trees with twinkle lights and adorn it with ornamental lighting. Flowers and colourful light strings can be used to adorn pillars. 

  5. Paper Lampshades

    An innovative Oriental approach to decorating the home for Diwali is with paper lampshades. They come in wonderful designs and colours and are simple to purchase. Additionally, you have the freedom to decorate the house any way you like because of the variety of sizes they come in.

  6. Diwali Torans

    The torans made for Diwali, or the wall hangings serve the purpose of both ornaments and seasonal auspicious features. You may generate that genuine Diwali charm by making torans out of discarded materials or using Ganesha wall hangings.

  7. Fruit Candles

    Although it may sound strange, this is a fascinating concept since it is real. For the ideal Diwali house decoration, cut the fruit peels into lovely designs, clean it up a little and insert tiny aromatic candles within.

  8. Furnishing

    To breathe fresh life into your house, play around with new pieces of furniture, bed linens or cushions or furniture covers or carpets and drapes. In case your bedroom is dimly lit, hang a colourful picture or add a few colourful pillows, or you can drape the curtain with a cotton ornamental sari, to instantly make it brighter.

  9. Paper Cup Lights

    Believe us when we say that using paper cups as decorations for Diwali may brighten even the most uninteresting areas of the home. By colouring and cutting them into flower forms, you may make a special decorative feature for Diwali. Make a chain out of small light bulbs and attach them.

  10. Pooja Decoration

    Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi statues are worshipped on this lucky day. Place the pooja thali and flower garlands made of lovely flowers next to the idols’ feet. To give the pooja thali a traditional and lovely appearance, embellish it rather than having a plain one.

Keep this checklist close at hand as you finish off your Diwali preparations to ensure that you don’t forget anything. Finally, use these Diwali decorating ideas for your house to celebrate the celebration of lights with thankfulness in your soul and glitter in your eyes. We at Livspace would like to wish you a happy and safe Diwali!

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