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5 Easy Workouts to Involve your Kids in


Regular exercise is essential for any age group, more so for kids. Simply because it lays the foundation for healthier habits for the future of kids. A healthy body would not only ensure an active mind but also reduce the chances of obesity and the load of health hazards that they come with.

You can even target specific muscle groups, which will help them with complex motoring skills later, for riding a bike or dribbling basketball, and so on. As it is generally with the kids, if they enjoy the exercises or if they are fun, they would continue with them. If not, it might be a daunting task to get them to work out.

Here are 5 easy workouts that you can involve your kids in.

  1. Running:

    Running is without any doubt, one of the simplest forms of exercise that you can involve your kids with. It is ideal for them since they have an endless stream of energy and want to constantly go fast. 

    Kids can run indoors, outdoor, in a gym, or around the park, almost about anywhere. To make running a bit more interesting, you can even include relays. To mix things up and keep it interesting, you can even ask them to run at a spot with feet close to the ground or fast feet. Other variations include high knees and butt kicks.

  2. Crab Walk:

    Crab walks are simple exercises that help in strengthening muscles. It can also aid in coordination. Crab walks usually engage a variety of muscle groups such as triceps, glutes, hamstrings, shoulders, and abdomen. The exercise will build upper body strength for your kids. 

    You can use your imagination to get them to do crab walks. Some might enjoy pretending to be crabs while others might even enjoy racing with other kids. 

  3. Jumping:

    Jumping is another fundamental exercise that kids usually enjoy. Jumping will help your kids build core strength and coordination. When done over a period, it can increase their strength and endurance levels as well. 

    You can engage in simple activities where they jump like frogs or kangaroos. For slightly older kids, you can include jumping in their running as well. The sack race being a good example of running and jumping.

  4. Skipping:

    Skipping is another great exercise to keep your kids fit and help them build strength. The exercise is simple enough but improves coordination and balance. It also improves their ability to assess the position of the body and its movements. You can incorporate skipping instead of running or some other exercises a few times a week.

  5. Yoga:

    It might be worthwhile to teach your kids yoga at an early age. Yoga can increase their flexibility and build strength. More importantly, it also gives them an early introduction to mindfulness. This can reduce stress and anxiety among kids. Yoga can also improve their focus and boost their self-esteem.

The above easy workouts can boost the health and wellbeing of your kid and lead them to a healthier adulthood.

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