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5 Important Safety Tips when Going on a Ladies’ Night Out

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A ladies’ night out usually means loads of fun, laughter, and some mischief, which will remain as memories for a long time to come. While having fun is at the forefront, safety should not take a backseat. You must check with your friends to take the necessary steps for protection during a night out. 

Taking a few precautions before you start in the evening will ensure that you have fun, and everyone is safe at the end of the night. The following are a few important safety tips that you must consider for your next ladies’ night out.

  1. Drunk Driving:

    Before you start for the night, make it an underlying rule not to get into a car if it is driven by someone drunk. At that point, it might be a bit light-hearted and even funny, but drunk driving is not only a serious offence but incredibly risky as well. 

    irrespective of how short the drive is, ensure that you or your friends do not get into a car with a drunk driver. If anyone from your group insists to drive in such a condition, ensure to dissuade them from the same. It not only puts your life at risk but also the lives of innocent bystanders. 

  2. Everyone In Sight:

    Keeping all your friends in sight is another simple yet effective way to ensure the safety of the group. And this is despite the location. You can either be on the subway, on the dance floor, or even on the streets. Make sure that you all watch out for yourselves and keep each other on the radar. It can come in handy if someone is making a friend of yours’ uncomfortable. 

  3. Carry Protection:

    Depending on how you see the night ending, you might want to carry the most obvious protection. However, you should also consider carrying a non-lethal weapon along with you. A sharp keychain, a LED taser, pepper spray, etc. are easy to store self-defence weapons that are quite effective as well. Carrying a self-defence item gives you additional protection during ladies’ night out.

  4. Knowing your Limits:

    Ensure that you are always drinking in moderation and within your limits. Pushing your limits in an unknown territory might not be the best idea. A couple of additional shots might seem like fun but can have impacts later. It is also a good idea to never let your drinks be unattended. Anyone can spike your drink if unattended and spoil the night for you.

  5. Hide Valuables:

    If you are drunk and are walking on the streets, you are an easy target. Make it a point not to keep your valuables out of sight. Keep your phone, purse, and wallet in your bag or zipped pockets. Also, it is a good idea to keep jewellery back at home. But if you must, ensure they are hidden from plain sight. 

The above safety tips will keep you and your friends safe during your ladies’ night out.

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