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Why versatile Athleisure Sets Should be your Wardrobe Staple

Athleisure Sets

The ongoing pandemic and its constant return with new variants have made things a bit tricky for everyone. We end up switching between online and offline mode, more often than we would like to. And amidst all of this, picking up what to wear can be even more time consuming and pensive. Not unless you have athleisure sets.

Athleisure is gaining popularity by the hour as it amalgamates function and style. You can use athleisure sets for hitting the gym and at the same time for everyday wear as well. This makes them incredibly versatile. And builds a strong case for you to have a few sets of athleisure clothes in your wardrobe.

Quite a few celebrities across the globe have embraced Athleisure sets and turned them into their styles. Here are a few examples for you to take inspiration from:

  • Onesie:

    The onesie is not the de facto choice when it comes to athleisure and there are a few debates about the same. However, as Kendall Jenner has shown time and again, a onesie can be an easy and great outfit. It is perfect for your indoor workouts. At the same time, you can wear a jacket on top of it or a baggy t-shirt along with some accessories. Making it a great choice for outdoor wear as well. 

  • Oversized Jumpers:

    The fact that you can wear athleisure just as you want to, creates endless possibilities. It can be incredibly fun and gives you the option to go as creative as possible. You can put together different pieces of athleisure to create your look. You can buy coordinated sets and use them separately. You can even use them along with oversized jumpers or joggers or leggings. 

  • Get Dressed Up:

    You can even dress up properly using Athleisure. A simple example of it would be to put on a basic white t-shirt along with tights of your choice. You can use a Chic coat on the top of this, to complete the look. It is not only incredibly comfortable but scores high on the style quotient as well. Again proving, the versatility of athleisure sets.

  • Bralette and Trousers:

    If you are looking for some inspiration, look no further than Deepika Padukone. As far as Bollywood is concerned, she is in a league of her own when it comes to athleisure. You can find her usually wearing her bralette and trousers. She adds a classic sneaker, or a jacket thrown over the look and kills it every time. You can even wear the jacket at your waist and pair it up with pumps to get another look out of your athleisure. 

There are a few instances where even Victoria Beckham has embraced wearing athleisure sets. Athleisure along with a pair of trainers or running shoes and a cap is equally comfortable and stylish. There are more than enough reasons to add a few athleisure sets to your wardrobe. They are versatile and very difficult to go wrong with.

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