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Why spot reduction of fat is a myth?

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For many generations now humanity has been clinging to the hope and belief that spot reduction can reduce belly fat. The propaganda was culturally accepted on a global scale because people simply wanted to lose excess weight to feel good about themselves. 

Organizations specializing in targeting the weaknesses of humanity use the culturally accepted myth to their advantage and began offering spot fat reduction surgeries and fitness routines. Speaking health and fitness-wise, while exercise can have a positive effect on the overall fat reduction in the body, it does not guarantee spot reduction of fat. 

What is spot reduction of fat? 
Spot reduction talks about reducing excessive fat from different parts of the body. The procedure targets certain body parts where an inordinate amount of fat may have accumulated due to unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, pre-existing diseases or disorders, and sedentary living habits. 

There are different methods of spot reduction of fat available in the market these days. Procedures such as liposuction have been around for ages, and innovative solutions are being introduced every day. However, if you are serious about losing body fat, you need to accept that spot reduction of fat is a myth. 

Why spot reduction of fat is considered a myth by experts?
To understand how to lose excessive fat from the body, you need to first understand the mechanism that takes place when you lose weight. The wait that the machine displays consists of fatty tissues as well as your non-fat body mass. 

When you attempt to lose weight through spot reduction in the form of surgery, the surgeon removes excessively accumulated fat from the body. However, when you attempt to lose fats naturally, what you are doing is converting the fatty tissues to build muscles. 

Here is where the misconception about spot reduction comes into play as well. People believe that targeted exercises upswept the abdomen or the thighs, or other body parts. This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

In reality when you lose weight, but most people construe it to be fats from the body, we lose overall weight from the body rather than targeted fatty tissues. You cannot target parts of the body when exercising, nor can you ensure that you lose fats through targeted diets. The only way to lose fat from the body is to work on the overall system to improve fitness. 

Experts have long declared that if you want to work on reducing fat from your body, do not rely on the myths revolving around spot reduction of fat through surgery or targeted diets and exercise. Instead opt for an all-inclusive, wholesome weight reduction program that addresses the overall system. 

Consider daily regimens that affect your body from head to toe. Workouts involving Planks, burpees, pull-ups, etc. strain the entire body to reduce fats overall. You will start to notice improvement regarding your fitness when you treat your body as a whole.

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