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Why should your customers insure their mobile phone

customers insure their mobile phone

Although smartphone coverage isn’t compulsory, purchasing it for your smartphone can help you from delving deep into financial trouble because of the androidbeing damaged or stolen. Smartphones used to have only basic features, but now they can handle your whole professional and personal life. Phones are becoming a symbol of status in terms of purchasing power and appearance, in addition to their utility. Smartphone thefts and losses have become all too regular, rendering it that much more vital for owners to insure their devices. This safety is especially crucial for high-value smartphones, which are attractive targets for theft.

Here are a few reasons you should insure your smartphone:

  1. Unexpected damage coverage

    Mobile phones are pretty expensive nowadays, and repairing any type of breakage can be costly. Getting mobile insurance might be a wise move because it gives coverage against breakage.

  2. Fraud or Theft coverage

    It is very hard to get back a stolen phone. The customer may lose their important data and add to that they will lose the amount they paid when buying the phone in the first place. Hence purchasing phone coverage to cope with such scenarios makes sense, because it protects the price of a proposed phone.

  3. Covers high repair costs

    Any damage to a costly phone, such as one from Apple, Samsung, or OnePlus, results in a large repair cost. It is preferable to purchase mobile insurance to prevent paying a big sum for phone repair.

  4. Moisture or liquids damage coverage

    Unintentional harm is covered by mobile insurance if it is caused by water or any form of liquid. Any damagecaused by humidity will also fall under that coverage. 

  5. Protection against phone loss 

    If the device is lost, customers will not be compensated under warranty. If customers lose their phone, individuals will be compensated according to the total insured amount through mobile insurance.

Risks and Impairment covered by Mobile Insurance

Mobile insurance policies provide coverage for a variety of risks and impairments to the phone. Here are some of the common hazards and damages covered by mobile insurance coverage.

  1. Hardware failures include a defective touchscreen, a faulty earphone jack, and a charging port issue.
  2. Internal component damage influencing phone operation, such as water leaks.
  3. Damage is caused by riots, strikes, and terrorist acts.
  4. The fire caused damage.
  5. Damage to the screen.
  6. Malicious intent causes damage.
  7. Device theft from a safely locked vehicle or facility.
  8. Device loss as a result of theft, house break-in, or burglary.
  9. Damage to the device’s inside or outside components.

Exclusions of Mobile Insurance 

Insurance Exclusions for Mobile Some of the exclusions that mobile insurance policies do not cover are listed below:

  1. Theft of a mobile phone from an unattended vehicle.
  2. The phone has inexplicably vanished.
  3. Damage or loss to a phone that occurred while it was being used by someone other than the owner.
  4. There is an electrical or mechanical malfunction with the phone.
  5. Damage caused by wear and tear 
  6. Any intentional or malicious conduct committed by the user of said insured device that results in damage.
  7. Damage brought on by a change in the weather or atmosphere.
  8. Malfunctions or damages that have occurred as a result of cleaning or fixing the item.


The client must deliver the necessary Mobile devices are rapidly becoming an unaffordable luxury, therefore it’s critical to have insurance that is tailored to your needs. When you do decide to purchase one, remember to carefully read the fine print and ask the insurer any necessary questions. Here are a few of the documents you might be required to provide during the procedure. a copy of the phone’s original invoice, including the phone’s serial number and insurance policy number. You must register an FIR and include a copy of it when making a claim in the event that your phone goes missing.

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