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Which essential oils promote better sleep?

oils promote better sleep

As Tyra Banks always says, sleep is the best arsenal in your beauty bag. Although an essential of living it is not always possible to just fall into bed and drift off to dreamland. Of course, some people opt for sleeping pills or sleep-inducing massage therapy to relax their mind and their muscles. However, taking sedatives can have several adverse effects that negatively impact the body in the long run. 

Essential oils on the other hand have proven their mettle for ages to induce relaxation and sleep therapy. Here are a few essential oils that you can use to promote better sleep: 

  1. Lavender oil:

    Lavender is a multifaceted ingredient that offers innumerable benefits. While its effects on blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, anxiety, etc. Having been well utilized through time, the effects of lavender on the senses also tend to induce serenity. Adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to a diffuser or on your pillow or even sprinkling it on your clothes or the duvet when you go to bed can ease you into a relaxing sleep. 

  2. Chamomile oil:

    Chamomile has been long celebrated as one of those ingredients that promote calmness and relief. Not only is it an excellent solution to add chamomile oil to your daily routine for good sleep but people suffering from chronic pain also use it to relieve the stress on their muscles. 

  3. Chamomile can be consumed in the form of tea before sleeping or infused in the air using a diffuser in the room where you sleep. When adding it as an essential oil, you can also experiment with combinations of other fragrances that appeal personally to you. 

  4. Clary sage oil:

    The uncontrollable creepy and unsettling thoughts are what keeps us up at night. Dulling these thoughts to the point of extinction is another powerful substitute after taking sedatives. Clary sage oil hasn’t an enigmatic effect on the mind such that it calms all your thoughts, thus inducing good sleep. 

  5. Marjoram oil: 

    Marjoram oil is one of those few types of essential oils that not only help you induce good sleep but also aid in keeping you in that state. Adding a few drops of marjoram oil to a diffuser enhances the feel and fragrance in the room, thereby inducing deep sleep. The lingering fragrance in the air also assists to push you in and out of REM sleep throughout the night. 

  6. Valerian oil:

    Valerian is an ingredient that is commonly used to induce deep sleep. It is common practice to infuse this ingredient into your nighttime tea for a relaxing effect, thus leading to drowsiness. Sleep comes naturally as opposed to sedatives by making this one of the best essential oils to use before sleeping. 

Suffering from insomnia and other sleep-related disorders is no joke. Your mind needs the time to replenish the body and recoup from any wear and tear of skin and muscles throughout the day. A few drops of essential oils can help lead a healthy life.

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