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What you need to know before you go vegan

before you go vegan

In case you are converting into a vegan and do not know much about it you are at the right place. Veganism is a quite widely known practice initiated first by the peace-loving hippies emphasizing the environmental and ethical denial of the consumption of every form of food coming from animals including meat, fish, dairy, and eggs.

What to keep in mind before the vegan turn?

Although this way of supporting the cause of planet and animal safety is promising, it might become risky for human health if you also refuse to consume antibiotics and other necessary nutrients extracted from animals. Hence, there might arise problems during the conversion to veganism.

Problems during the shift to veganism.

The following are some of the problems that one might face in the course of the conversion requiring special attention and precautions.

  • Absence of nutrition

    It is not easy for meat eaters to suddenly stop their consumption as the cravings will keep returning. Therefore, one might not feel keen enough to eat plant-based food, resulting in eating disorders. However, the bigger issue is the risk of maintaining proper health in the absence of adequate protein, vitamins, and minerals.

  • Budget and variety

    Plant-based food is not always affordable and might go off budget. There is also the problem of a limited number of recipes for a vegan diet. The availability of vegan products is again limited in certain areas and places.

  • Social pressure.

    Finally, there is a chance of getting to hear negative responses from family members and other associates.

How to deal with the problems faced during the shift to veganism?

The problems are quite common but one can get rid of them if one is willing to do so.

  • Take it slow.

    A complete and sudden shift is never possible. One must take it slow by shifting to the alternatives step by step. There can be various milk products that one can attempt for the shift. 

    One has to be psychologically prepared that it is a lifestyle change and so one must not get affected by mean commentaries. Instead, one can encourage through subtle persuasion.

  • Give your favourite food a vegan turn. 

    It is very natural for a meat eater to feel like consuming meat during the shift. However, the cravings can be dealt with by trying out recipes that can recreate the texture as well as the taste of meat. Such recipes are available on YouTube and many other platforms.

  • Adapt a sustainable plan.

    One can use a portion of his or her garden to grow vegetables and fruits if one is at a place where items and ingredients are not easily available. Veganism as a principle is quite cheap. The cuisine and its ingredients might be high priced but one can make one’s recipe for oneself. 

  • Keep the nutritional value under check.

    One can balance the diet by increasing the rate of consumption of food like beans, seeds, lentils, chickpeas, soya products, and nuts to compensate for the absence of animal-based products. One must also go for B12 supplements or B12-fortified foods to keep the body’s nerves and blood cells healthy. 

The shift to veganism cannot be a one-day process. It takes much time to control the cravings for meat and fish. Moreover, as part of your vegan lifestyle, you must make it a habit to check the labels before buying any foods. It will always be a fun journey getting to discover new food and sources of protein and nutrients.

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