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What Causes Dark Eyelids And How To Get Rid of It?

Causes Dark Eyelids

The simple cause behind the dark eyelids is melanin, which determines the natural skin tone and if produced more can keep the pigmentation on the skin as dark spots on eyelids, when the skin craft of upper eye areas is hyperpigmented, the under eye circles might also be darkened as observed in a few cases. There are several reasons behind this and also we can manage the pigmentation through certain over-the-counter creams and home remedies.

Causes with remedies: 

  1. 1. Sun damage:

    The UV rays cause more melanin production, which in turn keeps the upper eye more pigmented, causing dark eyelids. The use of UV-coated sunglasses and sunscreen with high SPF use can minimise this. The use of vitamin C and vitamin E can help in reducing dark spots.

  2. Genetics and aging:

    The family history of premature aging may add to the dark eyelids, which can be controlled through good lifestyle management, good sleep, and living a peaceful life. Food with balanced nutritional value can help you accordingly. You should add vitamins B., and C, minerals like Zinc, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids in your daily diet, for preventing the darkening of eyelids.

  3. Lifestyle habits: 

    The lack of sleep, excessive smoking, and drinking can cause pigmentation of eyelids, this can be controlled with stress management, and avoiding poor lifestyle habits also. The simple habits of Yoga and exercise also can keep you healthy and keep away the hyperpigmentation of the skin. You should drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated from the inside, and also ensure that your skin is hydrated, 

  4. Different medical conditions:

    Medical conditions like Edema, glaucoma, chemotherapy, contraceptive use, allergies, certain dermatitis, eye injury, and Rheumatoid arthritis may lead to dark eyelids, which can be managed with over-the-counter medicines, chemical peel, and lasers under medical supervision.

  5. Pregnancy

    Pregnancy can cause hormonal imbalance and may cause the hyperpigmentation in upper eyelids, which can be managed with medical advice.

  6. Some additional remedies: 

    The use of certain home remedies can help you to get rid of this, the use of potato juice, cucumber juice, tomato juices, and green tea bags at the upper eyelids, with the message of almond oil and virgin coconut oil, might be helpful. You may message gently with this oil to your eyelids and keep this overnight for the best result.

  7. Sleeping style:

    Elevating your pillows while sleeping, instead of lying down flat in the bed can increase the blood flow, minimise eye puffiness, and dark circles, and sleeping for at least 7/9 hours will be helpful to reduce the pigmentation. 

  8. Use of concealer: 

    This is not therapy or prevention, but while you are managing your pigmentation over the eyelids, you can also use the concealer matching your skin texture, for dark skin you can try the peach coloured concealer to minimise the dark spots, while for the light complexion, you might try the pink coloured concealer to reduce the visibility of your dark eyelids. The concealer with SPF will help you to cope with sun damage and might play a role in protecting the eye from UV rays.

Conclusion: Generally the appearance of dark eyelids is not associated with serious health concerns, this is rather a cosmetic condition which may impede quality of life, you may look a little tired, ill or aged which may lower your self-esteem, but you should always have a choice for vising the doctor in need.

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