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Water exercises for arthritis relief

Water exercises for arthritis relief

Arthritis is a kind of pain caused by the wear and tear of the joints in humans and animals alike. It can be caused due to injuries during accidents, autoimmune disorders, obesity, and weakened muscles. It may even be caused due to genetic disorders or as a result of ageing. Regardless of the cause, arthritis can be really painful, which is why government bodies in charge of diseases control and prevention recommend two and a half hours of aerobics and water exercises to relieve the pain. 

The types of arthritis such as psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis may be caused due to various reasons however, all of them have the same effect on the patients. It reduces the ability to move around freely, which is why patients suffering from arthritis can benefit from staying active as much as possible. 

The problem is, exercising while suffering from arthritis can be a painful endeavour for most people. Your muscles are sore, doing any amount of movement or strain can result in stiffness or severe discomfort. Yet exercising has a positive effect on the body which helps relieve arthritis pain. 

So, what kind of exercises can you do to relieve arthritis pain? 
Medical professionals as well as the Centers for Disease Control and prevention strongly suggest water exercises for arthritis relief. While it is difficult to partake in weightlifting or even freestyle exercises, Water exercises present an advantage for those suffering from arthritis. 

Since water supports buoyancy, it exerts less strain on your muscles and joints when exercising. The natural resistance caused by water bodies, regardless of whether they are still bodies such as pools or ponds, or moving bodies such as streams and rivers, we help exercise your muscles adequately without the need for weights. 

You can also opt to exercise in heated waterbodies where the warmth helps relieve the muscle tension in sore joints. If you prefer to swim former that is also an excellent option to keep up your need to exercise without having to strain yourself too much. As long as you avoid strenuous strokes, taking a couple of laps around the swimming pool can help burn a lot of calories to keep you fit as well as prevent any exhaustion on your muscles. 

What kind of exercise is safe for arthritis pain? 
You can partake in some water aerobic exercises. There are also several aquatic versions of popular forms of exercise such as Pilates, yoga, Tai chi, Zumba, etc. 

Based on how adept you are at exercising, you can start with beginner courses of water yoga or aquatic Tai chi. As your muscles start to loosen former you can move on to water exercises that require a higher intensity of energy exertion. 

It is best to work with an expert instructor who specializes in guiding to relieve arthritic pain so as not to exert yourself too much. Once or twice a week of water aerobics or aquatic exercises can help relieve muscle soreness and stiffness for arthritis patients.

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