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Upper Body Strength Workouts

Strength Workouts

When we think about upper body strength routines we immediately think of weightlifting, but that’s not all it is. While weightlifting is fantastic, there are many other strength training exercises that you can do to develop your strength and physique without using actual weights. For the best upper body workouts, you can alternate between dozens of different moves. The best approach is to include a variety of complex workouts in your regimen. Here are a few routines you can do if you are starting out or if you just want to check and refine your existing routine. 

  1. Pushup

    Brace your core, stretch your legs behind you, place both hands on the ground a little wider than your shoulders apart, and descend your torso till your chest is barely above the floor. Spend two seconds lowering yourself and two seconds pressing yourself back up.

  2. Table Press

    Grip the bar a little wider than your shoulders while lying on a flat bench. As you bring down the weight to your chest, keep your glutes and abdominal muscles tight, your elbows mildly wedged, and your back upturned. Push your feet towards the ground to push the weight back up once it meets your body. 

  3. Pull-ups and dips with assistance

    Make use of the equipment in the training room. Begin with a weight that is larger than you are because it will help you with your exercises more. Lighten the load as you get stronger to require less “help.”

  4. Bent over rows

    Utilize your light weights on the platform for bent-over rows. Pick a weight which you could use to tip it to one side and place one leg on it. Bring the weight straight up towards your side while rowing. Change sides.

  5. Landmine Press

    Put the bottom of the barbell in a landmine station or you may wedge it into a corner. With your left hand, hold the opposite end towards the foot of the sleeve while adding weight to it. To press the bar, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

  6. EZ Bar Curl

    Take an EZ bar with your palms face up, your arms outstretched, and your elbows slightly bent. Coil the bar up while maintaining the upper arms by your sides. Reverse the bar’s downward motion for three seconds.

  7. Hammer Curl

    With your arms stretched straight down and your palms facing your sides, grab a dumbbell in both hands. Curl two weights at once while maintaining your upper arms by your sides to reduce the amount of momentum needed.

  8. Dip

    If dip bars are available, use them. If not, prop your palms up on a table or chair while extending your legs over in front of you. Your body should be lowered till your forearms are parallel to the floor. Then, raise yourself by extending your elbows.

  9. Clean Hang 

    Start by placing your hands on the bar at shoulder width and pressing the weight on your body. Reduce the bar to slightly over your knees while maintaining the natural curve of your back. Pull the bar up straight in front of your torso while lowering your shoulders and explosively extending your hips as if you were jumping.

    Bring your arms and twist your wrists up to catch the weight at shoulder level as it reaches chest level. Near this point, twice that amount the weight is at your centre of gravity, and also that your spine is straight. As you grab the bar, flex your knees and hips to cushion the blow. 


It’s crucial to avoid comparing oneself to others. Everybody starts out at their own level and works their way up. You run the threat of harm with minimal to no results no matter what size you lift if your technique is bad, so be on the lookout for that.

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