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How to treat Hypertension at Home?

healthy food at home to remain fit

[pullquote align=right]Death is certain, but sickness is not. It’s not smart or cool to have an unhealthy lifestyle.[/pullquote]

When the medicines stopped working and the doctor’s grim look gave many answers, David knew it was time for him to take things into his own hand. His blood pressure was through the roof and as he lighted his next cigarette, he decided it would be his last. He looked down and was unable to see his feet and so he pledged to lose weight too. The burger stand was right across the street, but he decided to walk to the salad bar for his snack instead. The doctor could not help him anymore; only he could help himself. He had to change his lifestyle and he knew he had made a start.


If you too are struggling to keep your blood pressure under check, there are some lifestyle changes you could try to treat hypertension (high BP) at home. They are:

  • Maintain a healthy weight. Gaining weight can result in your arteries becoming thicker. This will subsequently push up your blood pressure too. So start by maintaining a healthy weight. Monitor your weight regularly so that you know when you get off track and how you can fix it.


  • Eat wisely. Do not live to eat. Rather, eat to live. Food is comfort but it comes at a great cost. Make a genuine attempt to curb your unhealthy food cravings. Eat a low-fat, well-balanced diet that will fill you up without supplying all that unnecessary fat to your body. A person with a good diet has a greater chance of maintaining a steady blood pressure.


  • Get physically fit. Going for a run after coming back from a hard day’s work may seem like a herculean task. But there are some things you just have to do! So shake off the lethargy and get down to doing some physical activities. Try riding your bicycle to office or going for an early morning swim. These may prove to be fun ways to exercise and may well reduce your hypertension too.


  • Check your blood sugar and cholesterol. Keep a tab on your blood sugar and cholesterol levels regularly. You can check your blood sugar instantly at home by buying a basic device. Regular blood tests can keep your cholesterol under control. Doing these will help you control your hypertension too.


  • Cut out the stress. Stress is a part of our lives, but make a serious attempt to keep your work stress away from your personal life. Do not bring your work home. Try methods like meditation and yoga at home to deal with stress. Play with your kids or get a pet dog. These measures will help you reduce your stress and your BP too.


Supermodel, actor and fitness enthusiast Milind Soman, who recently won the Ironman race in America, puts it beautifully,

“Death is certain, but sickness is not. It’s not smart or cool to have an unhealthy lifestyle.”

He could not have said it better. So keep the points mentioned above in mind and get set to embark upon a fitness journey today. Challenge hypertension with just a few lifestyle changes. We promise – results will show soon enough.

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