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Travel Tips For Moms-to-be

Travel Tips For Moms-to-be


The time of pregnancy is a very important period in the life of every parent. It requires utmost attention and care in order to keep things safe for both the mother and her baby. During this time, travelling can be a difficult task to tackle for moms-to-be. However, modern transport systems have made travelling during pregnancy an easier and safer deal. In this article, we will discuss some widely recommended travel tips that can assist expecting mothers in making their journey a breeze. 

5 tips for travelling while being pregnant

  1. Consult with your doctor

    The very first step involves letting your doctor know about the travel plan. They will be able to run the required tests and physical examinations in order to check your overall health condition. After everything checks out, your doctor will let you know about the precautions that you have to take, along with what to do and avoid while travelling. This will keep you prepared for any possible challenges and reduce the risk of various complications.

  2. Pack wisely

    When you are packing your luggage, make sure to take the essentials. This includes warm clothes, medicines, a first aid kit, toothpaste and brush, sanitiser, wipes, tissues, etc. These are some examples of items that you might be needing while on the move and it is better to keep them with you rather than relying on purchasing them afterwards. This will let you tick off the issue of unavailability and you can pack products from brands that you trust. Also, make sure to keep the luggage weight as minimum as possible by excluding non-essential items as heavy lifting is not ideal during pregnancy. 

  3. Select the right mode of transport

    If possible, select a mode of transport suggested by your doctor. For instance, air travel is generally considered safe before 36 weeks of pregnancy as it is fast and reduces travel time by a lot. On the other hand, travelling by car is another alternative, as you can pause the journey at any time if you feel sick and visit a nearby hospital. Irrespective of the mode of transport, follow your doctor’s advice and take all the safety precautions while travelling, like wearing seatbelts, stretching your legs, etc. 

  4. Maintain personal hygiene

    A common fear for moms-to-be is the need for using the restroom frequently while travelling. However, with the modern state of transport, most services offer clean and accessible washroom facilities that you can use while travelling. The important thing here is to main personal hygiene when using public washrooms, which means using things like sanitisers, soaps, handwash, clean wipes and disposable seat covers. Also, make sure to stick with healthy food and beverages and take bathroom breaks whenever possible. 

  5. Take necessary rest

    At the transport terminal, let the staff know that you are pregnant so you can go through the checking procedure quickly and avoid standing long hours in line. This will help you minimize the chances of over-exhausting yourself while travelling. After your journey is over and you reach your destination, make sure to give your body a good rest by getting proper sleep. You can also opt for massage therapy, gentle walking, etc. to help your body release tension and recover from the strain.


These are some of the most common travelling tips for moms-to-be. Generally, people avoid travelling and putting their bodies under heavy stress during pregnancy, however, the need to travel can also occur due to an emergency. Under such circumstances, where travelling becomes unavoidable, it is better to listen to your doctor and do as they guide you.

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