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Train your mind to be more creative

Train your mind

An entire generation of people grew up believing they weren’t creative because they were told they weren’t good at art in school. Until very recently, creativity has been redefined. It no longer means that you are good at brush strokes. You are so much more. Most importantly, you can come up with new ideas that could serve as innovative solutions to the problems you might be facing in life or at work. So, if you consider yourself an idea generator, congratulations, you are also creative! 

Here are the top five things you could do that could push you to live a more creative life beyond your fears.

  1. Let your mind wander –

    Allowing yourself time to “zone out” and let your mind wander can help you be more creative. Daydreaming, according to researchers, can lead to creative problem-solving.

    According to a 2019 study published in Psychological Science, 20% of creative ideas occur while the mind wanders. When you wander your mind, it accesses memories, emotions, and random parts of memory storage.

    Creativity is based on a process known as ‘incubation,’ in which new ideas are generated and then evaluated. There is a default mode of the brain, called the cortical network, where the creative incubation occurs. So, mind wandering could be good for you.

  2. Expose yourself to different forms of art –

    Going to the theatre or even just reading a fiction book can help stimulate the mind and strengthen the connections between the two halves of the brain, which aids in creative thought. It assists you in broadening your mind and accepting different interpretations and perspectives. It forces you to reconsider your perspective on things. Art also facilitates the development of self-expression. Art helps society evolve every single day.

  3. Spend time in nature –

    There is nothing more nurturing to our spirit and calming to our soul than being in nature. When we are immersed in the stillness of a forest or the exhilarating seascape of a beach, our creative expression becomes more instinctive. Spending time outside is the most natural and beautiful way to tap into your innate creativity, just as it is a natural part of being human.

    Even when you’re surrounded by nature, it can be difficult to connect with it. Day after day, we are subjected to artificial noise and visual pollution, which can dampen our senses.

    Henry Thoreau, an American naturalist, spent months alone in a small hut in the woods. Living in nature sharpened his senses to the point where he could smell the first muskrats in the spring. This does not mean you have to retire and become a sage in the forest in order to get your creative juices flowing. Nature will calm you and might just give you the creative inspiration you need.

  4. Connect with different kinds of people –

    Meeting new people is similar to being exposed to various art forms. Every person has a unique story and personality that can provide a deeper understanding of how minds function and people think. It allows you to see the world in a different light.

    It assists you in developing socio-emotional skills such as communication and critical thinking, revitalising and boosting your creativity.

  5. Move your body –

    For a reason, Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc., is a huge supporter of the concept of having meetings while walking. This is because movement is linked to an increase in creative performance. When you exercise, certain hormones, such as endorphins, get secreted, and it helps to relieve pain as well as stress. So, when you are stress-free, your performance is bound to improve.

    The movement puts you in a good mood, gets you to focus, and teaches an important lesson in persistence that often comes in handy when you have creative pursuits. 

Michelangelo, Shakespeare, and others were among the most imaginative people ever. But they weren’t called creatives in their times. You could be one of these greats. All you must do is fall the steps above to become a creative genius.

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