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Top 10 Tips for a Safe and Healthy Diwali

Safe and Healthy Diwali

Diwali symbolizes the victory of good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, where we might use green firecrackers of mild sound, light, and Diyas to celebrate the light over the darkness of life. 

The tips for enjoying Diwali are as follows : 

  1. Health:

    Regarding health issues, one should keep the daily routine of exercise, yoga and walking an ongoing process during Diwali. Diabetic ones should take care of their medicines in a timely manner, and stay away from high-calorie diets. Everyone should stay hydrated and avoid alcohol to keep them healthy. Asthma patients need to keep their inhalers in stock, as the smoke of firecrackers might affect them. Patients with heart problems and high blood pressure are to be kept away from extreme sounds which may also affect their health.

  2. Family involvement:

    The festival can be enjoyed best with family and friends, oo one should stay away from electronic gadgets. You can also bring some surprise gifts for your loved ones. This brings happiness for them as well as increases family involvement.

  3. Materials of clothes:

    One should wear fitted cotton clothes, instead of loose, synthetic clothes to avoid any accidents from firecrackers. 

  4. Use of firecrackers: 

    The use of firecrackers is to be taken care of with great safety precautions. For starters, only the authorised firecrackers are to be used, and one should avoid celebrating Diwali in confined places to avoid any accident or loss of human life or other animals, or creatures. You should keep a safe distance from bursting firecrackers. You should also not touch your eyes after the use of crackers, or rangoli making. Children should not burn crackers in hand as they can cause accidents. The babies and pets are to be kept away from the Diwali lights, and the doorways need to be clear, for keeping the babies and pets safe. The adults need to supervise the kids and keep them safe. 

  5. Use of lamps or Diyas:

    The lightened diyas need to keep away from electric wearing, as well as from any nearby curtains or any other inflammable objects to keep Diwali safe. The use of simple homemade diyas or innovative lightening can keep your expenses low while practicing safe diwali.

  6. Redefining celebrations:

    The children and family members need to plan for a pollution-free Diwali. This includes using green firecrackers which emit fewer pollutants, using a lower number of firecrackers as well as minimising the sound, noise and smoke from the firecrackers. You can also visit your neighbour’s house, share sweet dishes, play games, and engage in decorating houses.

  7. Firecracker disposal:

    The crackers are to be cool down in water or sand, and then be collected properly and wrapped well, for final disposal so that anyone who disposes of this is not affected by this. Installing a safe waste handling system without firecrackers can help to reduce the risk of injury to people or damage to property.

  8. Sweets:

    There are a variety of colourful sweets which may have preservatives. There are multiple silver-coated sweets are found which have aluminium foils which are not good for our health. It is recommended to avoid them for health benefits. One can also make homemade sweets for celebration.

  9. Safeguarding pets:

    The loud sounds make the pets anxious, we should take care of them. This includes not keep them alone, be with them, play some comparable sounds to sensitise them, and engage them with playing games, activities, giving treats, and food of choice.

  10. Emergency plans

    One should always have emergency plans for Diwali. The local doctor chamber lists and ambulance numbers to be kept at hand for making Diwali safe. 

One should keep safety by all means and good family health to enjoy the festival to its fullest and the environment-friendly firecrackers might be used to have a pollution free safe Diwali.

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