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Tips for keeping your utility bills down

keeping your utility bills down

A utility bill is one such entity that can easily burn a hole in your pockets without you even realising it. If you have faced the same in the past and want to rectify it, here is all that you need to know. If you are someone who is looking for ways to cut down on your utility bills, the following might help you.

  • Appliances:

    If you have multiple appliances running in your home, it is important to ensure that all of them have proper seals. A refrigerator that does not have proper seals would result in leaking and make cooling ineffective. This would result in higher electricity bills. 

  • Turn Water Off:

    A lot of us have the habit of keeping the tap running while doing some daily chores. These include brushing teeth, shaving, washing hands, etc. Turning your tap off in most of these situations will help you save quite a few litres of water. And in turn, help you lower your utility bills. 

  • Unused Electronics:

    A lot of us have the habit of leaving unused electronics on. We tend to think that on standby they do not consume much power. While that is true, it can still contribute to higher utility bills. If you are not using any electronic items, get into a habit of unplugging them or switching them off completely. 

  • Upgrading Electronics/Appliances:

    If you still have an old computer, a refrigerator that is more than a decade old or other older appliances, it might be a good time to consider upgrading them. Upgrading them will not only increase the visual appeal of the house but also help you cut down on utility bills. Modern appliances and electronics are much more efficient and are designed to consume fewer resources.

  • Switch to Solar:

    Though switching to solar power requires an initial investment, the returns far outweigh the initial investment. If you have open space on your roof or terrace, you can install solar panels. The modern panels are much more efficient and will help you save even more money in the long run. Based on your budget, you can decide whether you want to use solar power for the entire house or only for certain usages.

  • Better Lights:

    There is no dearth of options when it comes to low power LED lights in the market. They are the most efficient lights out there right now. Thus, it only makes sense to switch to LED lights if you are serious about reducing your utility bills. Also, another good habit is to turn off the lights in the rooms where it is no longer required. You can even switch to motion sensors, and automatic lights to increase their efficiency by a few notches. You must also dust your bulbs regularly if they accumulate dust. Dirty bulbs can absorb a lot of light, thereby making them inefficient.

A few simple steps above will help you bring down your utility bills by a considerable margin.

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