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Things To Know About COVID Treatment At Home

COVID Treatment

COVID 19 is a very dangerous illness, but with timely intervention and proper treatment, most people recover. In fact, a vast majority of COVID patients do not even need to get admitted to the hospital. Home care is enough if the patient suffers from mild symptoms. If you have been diagnosed with COVID and need to recuperate at home, we have some handy guidelines for you. Take a look.

Isolate yourself
You need to isolate yourself and ensure you don’t pass on the infection to the other members of your family. Ideally, isolate in a room that has its own bathroom, so that you don’t need to leave the room at all for the entire quarantine period. Use disposable plates and cups so that they can be disposed of safely without the risk of the infection spreading.

Follow the doctor’s instructions
The doctor will prescribe medicines. Follow the prescription very diligently. Do not skip any medicine, or worse, do not try to alter the doses thinking your symptoms are getting better or worse. If at any time you feel your condition is changing, speak to your doctor immediately. Most doctors are available for online consultations these days, so you should be able to get medical help while isolating yourself at home.

Diet and nutrition
Diet and nutrition play a very important role in the treatment of COVID. You need to eat protein-rich foods which would help you to recuperate. You also need to eat bland food without too much oil and spices. If you eat rich and spicy food, you will not be able to digest it well and your body will not get the nutrition it needs to recover. Also, drink at least four litres of water so that the harmful toxins are flushed out of your body at a faster pace. Also, dehydration at such a time can make you sicker, so drink water and other fluids such as coconut water, freshly squeezed fruit juice, etc as they will aid in the recovery process.

Get enough rest
You may choose to continue working from home if your health permits when you are isolated in your room due to COVID. While that is fine, you should remember that your body is fighting a deadly infection and it needs proper rest. Ensure you get sufficient sleep. Watch movies, speak on the phone, but set time limits for all the activities so that your sleep cycle is never affected.

In conclusion
COVID treatment at home is quite easy. You need to follow the tips mentioned above. Also, remember to monitor your health closely. Have an oximeter with you at all times. If at any time you see your oxygen level has dropped, or you find it difficult to breathe or if your fever spikes up, call an ambulance and head to the hospital immediately. COVID can be controlled and for that, you just need to be alert and responsible.

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