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The Most Expensive TV Sets In India

Expensive TV Sets In India

With the pandemic knocking on our doors and us being cooped up inside our homes around the clock in recent years. TVs are where it all starts. They’re where we sit back, relax and just enjoy the big screen experience of our favorite shows, films and games. And the glue that keeps it all together is a huge LED screen. Take a closer look at a few of the priciest TVs in India if you want to add some extra luxury to your home entertainment.

Here are a few of the most expensive TV sets in India

  1. Samsung The Wall – INR 3.5-12 crores

    Samsung’s The Wall, arguably the most talked-about television ever, boasts an amazing resolution due to its enormous size. It boasts a QLED display with three different sizes—146, 219, and 292 inches—and three different resolutions—4K, 6K, and 8K, respectively. These high resolutions are accompanied by energy-efficient technology, a crisper display, improved contrast, and smart TV capabilities like WiFi, Bluetooth, and Miracast Screen Mirroring Support, which makes it simple for users to screencast neighboring devices. 

  2. LG UH9809 – INR 1 crore

    The LG UH9809, the first 8K TV in history, has a 98-inch screen was unveiled for the first occasion at CES 2016 and was immediately given a retail price tag of 135,000 USD or nearly 1 crore INR. It was the first smart TV with the WebOS 3.0 operating system and MHL compatibility, enabling up to 120 frames a second on the screen. The television has a 98-inch screen with 48-bit color depth and 8K resolution. 

  3. UN105S9 Curved 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV of Samsung – INR 89 lakhs

    Samsung’s UN105S9 LCD, a mammoth 105-inch display with a 4K resolution and remarkable characteristics like noise control, detail improvement, signal analysis, and fully automated depth analysis—which examines the various areas of each image and automatically adjusts the contrast to an ideal depth of field—has a 4K resolution. It has UHD dimming, which customizes brightness accordingly, and for a better sense of depth, the Auto Depth Enhancer analyzes the areas of each picture and automatically modifies the contrast.

  4. Signature OLED 65 (164 cm) rollable 4K Smart TV of LG – INR 78 lakhs

    This skillfully designed feature of stretching out of its base is displayed by LG’s Signature OLED R 65 Smart TV. The OLED panel that makes up the rollable portion of the TV may be rolled, leaving behind only the speaker portion. There are three alternative display modes that can be used: full view, line view, and zero views. The TV features integrated 3D technology and Dolby Atmos spatial audio along with a Quad Core Plus processor for quick multitasking and fluid browsing. 

  5. Beovision Harmony 88″ – INR 24 lakhs

    TVs from Bang & Olufsen are available in a wide variety. One of these is the two-meter-wide Beovision Harmony TV, which is designed around the LG Electronics 2020 OLED 8k panel. The LG Alpha 9 Gen 3 AI engine, which employs enhanced processing capability and AI with deep learning methods to maximize image quality, controls the visuals displayed on the screen. The built-in dual subwoofer three-channel sound system can connect to up to 8 wireless Beolab speakers to create a 7.1 surround sound system.


In the last couple of years, the market of smart TVs and easy access to OTT platforms has become essential. Expensive TV Sets like these bring you the best quality material, be it sound, design, accessibility, or image quality.

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