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The Best Workout Options for Your Parents

Best Workout Options

Your parents, irrespective of their age, need to get some exercise done on a regular basis. Exercising is very important for everyone. However, your parents need to follow an age-appropriate exercise routine, based on their health conditions and also their age. Read on to know more.

Work out options for your parents 

  • Gym:
  • Many senior citizens go to the gym these days. The trainers will be able to guide your parents on age-appropriate workouts at the gym. It is common to find older people using the treadmill and lifting very light weights. If your parents enjoy going to the gym, ensure you take the service of a personal trainer for them, just to ensure they are supervised at all times.

  • Yoga:
  • Yoga is very popular among retired people. You will see many seniors doing Yoga indoors and outdoors. Yoga is beneficial, safe and easy to perform. Yoga classes are also a great way for your retired parents to socialise so encourage them to take it up. 

  • Walking:
  • This is the number one workout option for your parents. Irrespective of your dad’s age or your mom’s recent surgery, they can walk. The period of the walk and the speed at which they walk may require moderation, but there should not be any restriction on walking. Encourage your parents to go for their daily walks, preferably twice a day. Walking helps to improve all the different parts of the body. It also helps them to fight age-related ailments such as diabetes and joint pains. 

  • Golf:
  • If your parents like playing sports, consider taking a membership in a golf club. Golf is an excellent option for senior citizens and this is why we already have many of them enjoying this sport. Apart from being a great exercise, golf also gives your parents a good opportunity to socialise with like-minded people, something they might be missing after their retirement.

  • Freehand exercising:
  • And last but not the least, you have freehand exercises. This can be done in a park, at home or even when sitting and watching television. From something as basic as stretching their necks to something more complex as sit-ups, your parents can do some freehand exercises that they feel comfortable doing. This will be a very good and easy exercise routine for them to follow.

    Choose the option that suits your parents the best and ensure they get their regular dose of exercise as it will help them to stay healthy.

A word of caution

Never start a new exercise regime for your parents without consulting the doctor. If your mother is joining a new Yoga class, speak to the doctor and check whether it is safe for her to sit on the floor and stretch. If your father wants to join the gym, get a cardiac evaluation done and confirm with the doctor whether or not it is safe for him to use the treadmill. Once you have the green signal from the physician, your parents can safely start exercising.

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