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The best items to put up in a garage sale

Hardcover books

A garage sale is one of the most effective ways of turning rarely used items in the house into some extra cash. You can then use the cash to splurge or pay off your bills or even donate. However, a successful garage sale just doesn’t happen. You need to put in some planning, prepare for it and execute it well.

One of the most crucial elements of a garage sale is the items on display. Once you figure that out, you can start with planning and preparation and posting signs about your garage sale. Here are some of the best items that you can put up for a garage sale.

  • Hardcovers:

    Books in general are a good idea for a garage sale. However, hardcovers sell just better. Since they are usually a bit more expensive, people come looking after good deals on hardcover books.

  • Small Chairs:

    A lot of garage sales feature small chairs and stools. They are usually quite handy and thus find a lot of potential buyers. If you have some small chairs or stools lying around, you can put them up in your garage sale.

  • Scrapbooks and Crafts:

    A lot of us have half bottles of paint lying around, which we most probably won’t use anymore. Similarly, you might have some embellishments for scrapbooks or glue guns that you no longer use. You can put them up in a ziplock and sell them as a package. It will help you get rid of the items. Also, people like surprises and goodies.

  • Toys:

    One of the fastest-selling items in garage sales are toys that are still in their packaging. If you have toys that are lightly used, they will find a lot of buyers as well. For any battery-operated toys, ensure that you have batteries lying around to test them.

  • Video Games:

    A lot of people find good deals on video games in garage sales. Though they might not be the latest and greatest iteration of a game, they are way cheaper than what they retail in stores. Thus, a hit in garage sales.

  • DVDs and CDs:

    They haven’t gone completely out of fashion yet and some people are actively looking for them. If you have a DVD of your favourite movie, it might be worth putting it up for a garage sale. 

  • Unused Tools:

    If you have some tools lying around that you do not use at all, it might be a good idea to put them up in your sale. They might not fetch a lot of money, but it is better than having them lying around and not being used. 

  • Handbags:

    You will always find buyers for good handbags and purses in garage sales. Good bags at retail prices can be quite high and if you have a lot of them, you might as well get rid of some and make space for newer ones.

An efficient plan with some of the items mentioned above will help you set up a garage sale that will be a hit.

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