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The advantages of having a homemade lunch at work


In our busy everyday lives, we often ignore our health and end up with various ailments. Most of these can be controlled with just a little bit of adjustments to our daily routines. For example, you can lead a much healthier life if you have proper meals at proper times every single day. If you are someone who goes to work on a daily basis, the chances are quite high that you have a strange lunchtime-schedule. You can avoid that by packing your own lunch from home. There are many advantages to doing so. Let us find out what they are in the points mentioned below.

  • Healthy ingredients – When you cook at home, you use only the best of ingredients in a controlled manner. When you eat out, you end up having excessive oil, salt, etc. Also, the oil used may be harmful and the meat used may be stale. This can lead to multiple health ailments that you can avoid by eating a homemade lunch you packed from home.
  • Quantity control – Eating at a restaurant during lunch hours with your friends can lead to your overeating and binging unnecessarily. Doing this regularly can leave you overweight and severely unfit. This is another reason why it is advisable for you to get your own lunch from home. You can then have a proper amount of food and stay healthier in an effortless manner while managing your weight as well.
  • Economical – It is also very economical for you to pack your own lunch. If you get some wholesome home-cooked food to work every day, you can save a lot of money at the end of the month. For example, if you make a cheese and tomato sandwich at home and get a banana and a bottle of milk, the meal will hardly cost you Rs 30. To buy the same meal from the office canteen or a restaurant would cost you a minimum of Rs 150 or even higher.
  • Eat according to your preferences – When you get your lunch from home, you can eat as per your preferences. If there is a particular food group you are avoiding or if there is a fruit you are consuming in large quantities, you can get what you want in a homemade lunch box. If you are dependent on your canteen or restaurant food, you may not find the items you need to eat as per your dietary choices.
  • Eat whenever you want – If you have a lunch box under your desk, you can open it up and take a bite whenever you want! You can even prepare some between-meal goodies and pack them for you to enjoy while at your desk. Such luxuries won’t be available to you if you buy your lunch every day. You then have to wait till the fixed lunchtime to eat, no matter how hungry you get!


Keeping the points mentioned above in mind, it can safely be said that making your own lunch from home has a host of benefits. Start getting your lunch from home and see a difference in your health and also in your bank balance!

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