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Summer fitness activities for the whole family

Summer fitness

Summers bring lots of sunshine, warm weather, and clear blue skies. It also means that kids are on a break from their school, because of summer vacations. Apart from eating ice cream and mangoes, there are a lot of other activities that you can do as a family. 

And adding a few fitness activities would ensure that your family remains fit even during the summers. Here are a few activities that you should consider adding to your summers this time around.

  • Sports:

    One of the easiest ways to stay active and have fun is to play some sports. If your kid is already a part of some sports team at school, trying out a different sport can be fun and refreshing. 

    You can zero down on a sport and play with your kid or enroll them in some classes and join them during the drill. Good examples of such sports include swimming, tennis, badminton, squash, etc. 

  • Run/Hike/Trek:

    There are a few stories across the globe, where kids run marathons across cities, countries and one even ran across continents. While you don’t have to push your kid to run a marathon right away, running can be a great activity together.

    You can start running nearby and as the confidence and stamina builds, keep pushing for longer stints. You can also plan to take them out for a hike or trek. It can be extremely refreshing to be amidst forests and greenery. It also helps you stay fit.

  • Yoga:

    Getting warmups and cool downs before and after exercise is crucial as it helps warm up the muscles and reduces the chances of injuries. You can use yoga or stretches for these warmups and cooldowns. Alternatively, you can do yoga along with your kids. It can be a fun activity that helps everyone remain active and fit. 

    You can always reach out to your trainer to create a custom routine for your entire family. Once you let your trainer know, they can create a routine that suits all the family members. You can even ask for specific fitness goals or health goals.

  • Dance/Groove:

    Another simple yet fun fitness activity is dance. If your kids love dancing, you can plan for a family dance-off. If not, you can always tune in to some of their favorite songs and get into the groove and dance. Use music to dance around a bit while cooking or dropping your kids to school or for other training. 

    There are several dance forms that you can enroll the family as well. Zumba is one of the most popular dance forms available. Since dance is a full-body exercise, it can prove to be a much better exercise than you initially thought.

  • Interval Training:

    If you are serious about exercise, you can get your family together and engage them in some interval training or circuit training. These can include some simple exercises such as jumping jacks, push-ups, squats, etc.

Using the above simple exercises, you can keep the entire family active during summers.

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