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Staying Fit As You Resume Offline Work

Staying Fit

A tight work schedule can prevent a lot of us from getting exercise in any form, which is not what you want. Things became a bit more difficult during the work from home phase as well. Now that offices are slowly reopening and offline work resume, staying fit can get challenging again.

However, there are a few simple exercises that you can carry out even in your cubicle or office. Simple workouts at the office or at your desk have a few benefits as well. For starters, it can boost your mood, relieve some of the work-related stress, boost your energy levels, and of course help, you stay fit.

Here are a few ways by which you can stay fit as you resume offline work.

  • Walk or Cycle:

    If you have the luxury to stay nearby to your office, you might as well consider walking or cycling to the office. Should you cycle to your office, it also helps the environment and aids you in saving money spent on fuel as well.

  • Stability Ball:

    One of the simplest workouts that you can incorporate at your workplace is to replace the chair with a stability ball. As the stability ball does not have any support, it helps you to align your body and strengthen the core. The muscles in your abdomen also work overtime, as they are constantly trying to balance the body.

  • Utilise the Lunch Break:

    If you have an hour-long lunch break, you can utilise the duration to go out for a quick jog or workout at the office gym. Employees who have a tight schedule and cannot work out outside their working house should try this approach. You can quickly eat your lunch before working out or have it later at your desk.

  • Active Breaks:

    If you already take small breaks, make it a habit to go out of the office building for a quick stroll and get some fresh air. It will help your mind to reset a bit and shift the focus from work to your health. Two of three such small breaks of 10 minutes each is just enough to keep you active for the day.

  • Ditch the Elevator:

    This only works if you have a building with a moderate number of floors. You can try to ditch the elevator and take the stairs instead. Taking the stairs will help your lower body and gives you a much needed cardio workout. If your office is on the top floor, you can still take the lift half the way and walk the remaining floors.

  • Stretching:

    There are some simple stretches that you can carry out sitting at your desk. You can stand and try to touch your toes or sit and stretch out your arms. There are a bunch of other simple stretches as well. These will help you avoid any stiffness due to sitting in the same place for longer hours. 

It only takes your will to incorporate some exercises at workplace. The above are some simple ways to stay active once offline work resumes.

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