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Sharing and caring in the times of a pandemic – teach your kids the right way

times of a pandemic

All our lives we have been hearing people say that sharing is caring, but in no time in history has that concept held more significance than building the current pandemic. Teaching our kids the value of human life and the importance of living in camaraderie is an essential lesson that they need to learn from an early age. What is more important is that they learn it the right way, which is by example. 

Here are a few things that you can do in your everyday life to show your kids how to care for someone by simply sharing whatever you can:

  • Make small but significant donations to real people:

    These days, it is hard to tell which nonprofit organization is really dedicated to helping the less fortunate and which of them are out to defraud those who can’t afford it by manipulating people’s good intentions. 

    In order to ensure that your hard-earned money goes to the truly deserving, teach your kids how to help people with real problems rather than those seeking a quick buck. Take your kid out for a walk and when you come across someone who requires your help, instead of handling the money, ask them what they need. Feel encouraged to purchase groceries former or food for their family, or offer a home-cooked meal, if possible. 

  • Don’t do it for the cameras:

    It was cringe-worthy how common practice it has become to share and care for people simply to earn appreciation from a faceless mask. If you truly want to teach your kids how to share and care for people, don’t do it for the cameras. Don’t take pictures, don’t do it just because someone is watching, and avoid doing good deeds just for the accolades. 

  • Help out a peer during a crucial time:

    You can also teach your kids the importance of caring and sharing by simply contributing your time when a colleague is faced with a tough situation. Offer to cover the shifts, or help them finish a task on time so they can address other important matters in their lives. 

  • Shared self-care tips for healthy living: 

    Educating the common masses is the only way to steer humanity into a pandemic-free future. Share your knowledge of personal health care and precautionary tips with those who are Incomprehensive of the gravity of the situation or unaware of self-care. 

  • Share the essentials for covid safety without reluctance:

    Also, teach your kids the importance of sharing and caring by freely offering to help out with essentials. Purchase sanitary kits and carry around extra sanitisers and masks so you can help someone in a time of need. 

Instead of contributing your money towards the faceless organization that may or may not help those who really need it, you can cut out the middleman and make your donations directly to the less fortunate. Personally ensure that they have the essentials such as food, clean water, and proper means of hygiene to lead a healthier life. 

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