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Savoury Desserts – Understanding This Latest Food Trend!

Savoury Desserts

In a world filled with choices, you should not have limited options for any meal, right? So why should you have to eat a sweet dessert? If you are surprised by that, let us introduce the all-new savoury desserts to you. Yes, that is correct – you heard the words savoury and dessert together! Savoury desserts are much in vogue these days and you can try some yourself if you have not done so already. Read on to know more.

What exactly is a savoury dessert? 

A savoury dessert is nothing but a type of fusion food where the sweet flavours are intertwined with salty and spicy flavours. In other words, you get some savoury elements in the middle of some very traditional desserts.

The purpose of a savoury dessert is to balance out the excessive sweetness from the desserts. While the base remains sweet, the filling or toppings or condiments are savoury and this helps to give a magical twist to the dishes. You can have a cheesecake with blue cheese, or you can have an apple pie with some chilli tamarind sauce on top. These are how the chef shocks the diner and gives him a very enjoyable dessert to devour.

Examples of some popular savoury desserts 

Savoury desserts are still quite a new concept. As a result, many people still don’t know much about them and not every restaurant sells them. But many do and some dessert bars specialise only in savoury desserts. Some of the most common desserts served include:

  • Masala cookies:

    A spicy and sweet cookie, packed with the right amounts of sweetness from the crumbs and spices from the sprinkles.

  • Ginger pie:

    Replace the traditional fruits in a pie with something hot like ginger and watch the fun unfold.

  • Bacon chocolate bark:

    Can you imagine how awesome the salty, crunchy bits of bacon will taste when you bite into them while enjoying your chocolate bark?

  • Parmesan ice cream with prosciutto:

    Just add generous dollops of parmesan and prosciutto to your vanilla ice cream and make a savoury sundae out of it.

  • Rosemary Olive Oil Cake:

    A perfect cake that not just balances the sweetness but also fixes the unhealthiness, the rosemary olive oil cheesecake is a popular savoury dessert.

  • Watermelon and cheese salad:

    While you get plenty of hits of sweetness from the juicy watermelon pieces, you also get compensated with salty hits each time you bite into a cube of cheese.

  • Sweet chicken lollipop:

    Who can say no to some crunchy chicken lollipop, but the dish goes to the next level when you coat it with some sweet honey sauce. Give it a try and you won’t have your chicken lollipop any other way!


As you can see, these dishes combine all the flavours to leave you asking for more! Though they may sound weird at first, once you get into the habit of having savoury desserts, you won’t be able to say no to them. So go ahead and explore your options and have a truly unique and fun dish with your friends.

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