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Quick exercises to improve your mood

Quick exercises
Can exercise make your mood?

You must have heard of various benefits of exercising regularly. Some of these benefits are- bone strength, improved flexibility, fitness, prevention of many diseases and overall better health. But do you know that regular exercise can also improve your mood apart from these health effects?

Effect of exercise on your mood

When you work out your brain relieves some chemicals (hormones like endorphins and dopamines). These are also called happy hormones. These happy hormones have a profound positive effect on anxiety, depression, and ADHD.

Quick exercises to improve your mood

Aerobic and cardiovascular exercises are best to lift the mood. Here are some specific exercises that might help you to improve your mood-

  1. Weight lifting-

    Lifting weights can also lift your mood. Strength training works on your bones and muscles extensively. During weight training, your brain release endorphins. Thus even a small session of weight training helps to lift your mood by making you feel happy.
    Caution – Weight training is always advised to be done under the supervision of some expert. Especially if you are a beginner

  2. Aerobics-

    Aerobic exercises involve a series of physical acts that need more oxygen and compel you to take deep breaths. Some common aerobic exercises are dancing, brisk walking, jogging and treadmills. A session of aerobic exercise release serotonins that lifts your mood. Aerobics is easy for our bodies. Thus, any person of any age group can practice aerobic workouts. Dancing and swimming are considered the best type of physical workouts. A small session of swimming makes you feel so light and happy. Irrespective of your weight, age and body type a person can easily do swimming.
    Caution- Do not overexert yourself. Do what your body permits. Increase the workout slowly.

  3. Yoga:

    Yoga is an ancient practice in our country. It is a physical as well as a mental workout. Meditation which is a part of Yoga is extremely effective to make you feel calm and happy. Other Yoga postures help you to breathe more oxygen into your system. It releases GABA chemicals which calm your nervous system. Regular practice of yoga makes you feel more energetic and calm. Your nervous system is more relaxed and you feel at peace.
    Caution- Although Yoga is safe to practice for anyone still it is necessary to seek some expert guidance before practising Yoga. You must know about the postures that suit your body and age.

Now that you know about the relation between workout and mood, it is important to understand the type of exercises that serves the purpose. Thus, practice these simple exercises and make your brain release the happy hormones to make your feel happy.

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