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Protect Your Lungs from Increased Air Pollution After Diwali

Protect Your Lungs


In this growing age of technology, the levels of pollution are also rising at an alarming rate. The constant degradation of air quality can give rise to a series of health conditions, including lung diseases. This is why you should focus on protecting your lungs from this growing air pollution, especially after Diwali when the air quality worsens due to the widespread burning of firecrackers. 

Here are 4 useful tips that will help you protect your lungs from increased air pollution after Diwali:

  1. Invest in an air purifier

    If you are living in a populated environment, like a city or near a busy highway, then you might face higher levels of air pollution. You can’t see or obstruct the pollutants present in the surrounding air from entering your home, however, you can use an air purifier or cleaner for this purpose. This filtration device will remove such contaminants and improve your indoor air quality. Air purifiers can be expensive and in case you can’t afford one, you may consider cheaper alternatives like a charcoal air purifying bag. Besides this, you should maintain a clean environment around you and reduce dust build-up by wet mopping. 

  2. Consider wearing face masks

    The past couple of years has made wearing face masks the new “normal”, in order to avoid inhaling pollutants and viruses from the air. Investing in a good-quality face mask will allow you to stay outdoors when needed, without worrying much about air pollution. You may consider N-95 masks or P-100 respirators for the most effectiveness and protection against air pollution after Diwali.

  3. Try staying indoors

    The most basic way you can protect your lungs from air pollution post-Diwali is by staying indoors. We understand that this might not be a favourable option for many due to work and other essential requirements, however, you can limit your outings to necessities only. This will keep the chances of exposure to polluted air to a minimum and help you protect your lungs.

  4. Make lifestyle adjustments

    There are certain changes that you can implement in your daily life, to limit exposure to bad air. For starters, you can avoid locations that involve the burning of candles, firewood, industry zones, etc. You should also avoid smoking, which can further deteriorate your lungs and degrade the quality of the surrounding air. If you have lung conditions, then make sure to keep your prescribed medications handy. Maintaining a healthy diet will also boost immunity and help your body defend better against pollutants. If you are into routine fitness, then make sure to avoid high-intensity outdoor workouts for a few days after Diwali or until the air quality improves. You can switch to indoor workouts as an alternative.


These were some crucial methods that you can apply in your daily life to protect your lungs from air pollution after Diwali. Make sure to check the quality of air every day and avoid populated city zones or generally polluted areas for the best effectiveness.

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