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Must Haves For The Festive Season

Festive Season

When the holidays arrive, there is indeed a lot of excitement about looking your best. The holidays are the perfect excuse to break out of your makeup collection, including sparkly eyeshadow, blush, highlight, and contour palettes, as well as your most exquisite gowns and your go-to beauty products for just that dewy glow. So, here are some essentials for the holiday season.

  1. Sarees

    Sarees give the wearer’s appearance a rustic appeal while evoking a bygone period of vibrancy and sophistication. Lehenga sarees, Tant sarees, or Pure silks are the perfect way to show off your traditional flair this holiday season. During holidays, sticking to tradition is always a good idea!

  2. Anarkali

    If you’re not sure about being able to handle a saree or you just want to wear an Anarkali, then the options are endless with gorgeous colours and beautiful embroidery. Anarkali and Churidars can never go out of style, be it a simple and sweet design or a bold and beautiful design.

  3. Kurta & Pajama

    We can’t leave out the men when it comes to going traditional for the festive season now, can we? Just like Saree, a good set of Kurta & Pajama can never go out of style. You can go for neutrals or brights depending on your mood or the time of the day. 

  4. Accessories

    The greatest method to style an outfit is always to have neutral pieces in your wardrobe. One of the most crucial component of an outfit is the accessories, and you must accessorise stylishly. You have a wide range of options and if you’re unsure of what accessories to wear with each outfit, you can opt for neutral ones instead; you’ll still look fantastic.

  5. Watches

    Watches are one of the best fashion options. A traditional timepiece will look great with your daily outfit. It accomplishes its task while enhancing your appearance. You can go for gender-neutral options or the one most suitable for you or your dress.

  6. Shoes

    The right shoes will be your best friend during festivities. If you are planning on pandal hopping then sort for shoes that are as comfortable as they are beautiful, or they will become a pain in your toe real soon. You can sort for high heels if you’re not resorting to moving around too much.

  7. Skin-Care

    We all know a lot goes into looking your best before the festivities even start. Face masks, face scrubs, facials, and other skincare routines are the essentials that bring the primary festive glow along with your good mood. So don’t forget to check up on your skin before the festival season rolls in.

  8. Makeup

    We can’t forget about makeup when we are talking about the festival season. The right foundation, highlights, eyeshadow or eyeliner, along with the right shade of lipstick, can either make or break your look. If you are low on any of these, don’t forget to stock up on them before the festivities because otherwise, your look can feel incomplete. If you want to try something different with your hair like smoothening, overall colour, highlights or straightening, etc, the celebrations are the perfect opportunity.


When it comes to the festival seasons we all want to thrive in our way. Be it Diwali, Durga Puja, or any other festival, looking our best is essential and the right dress, hair, makeup, watch, and accessories like sling bags or jhumkas make the look the best. Happy Festivities!

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